Nutribullet Treviso, ufficiale l’ingaggio di Alessandro Zanelli

Alessandro Zanelli is the first new arrival for the Nutribullet Treviso Basket 2022/23. Treviso of Motta di LIvenza, is a “homecoming” for the playmaker in recent years captain in Brindisi, given that the beginning of his career is marked Ghirada with the youth experience at Pall. Treviso with the first appearances also in the first team at Palaverde. 30 years old, he was born in Motta on 7 May 1992, 188 cm, point guard with personality, reliable and experienced, with an excellent three-point shot, vision of the game and good defensive physicality. He started playing basketball in the youth sector of Benetton Treviso with which he won the Under 19 championship in 2011. In the 2010-11 season he was added to the first team in Serie A. For the following season he was transferred to Anagni Basketball in the National A Division. In the following years he was in Serie B, two seasons with the US Sangiorgese, then in 2014-15 his rights went up to Serie A2 Silver with Recanati. In 2015/16 he is still in Serie A2, this time with Fulgor Omegna, and in the following season at Legnano Basket. From 2018 the great leap in Serie A with Brindisi, in which at the court of coach Frank Vitucci he lived the seasons of consecration, maturing in leadership and personality, fundamental in his role. In the last year in Puglia as captain Zanelli earned 7 points per game with an excellent 47% from three points and 2.3 assists per game in 21 minutes of average use.

Here are his first words as a TVB player:Since I was little my dream was to play for the team of my city, this dream became a goal when I started a professional career and this satisfaction repays me for many sacrifices. I am excited to be part of this new TVB course, to be able to play at Palaverde with the Treviso shirt, I can’t wait to start. For me, playing with the Treviso shirt is really important, since I was three I had a subscription to Benetton Basket, I followed it with my parents for ten years then I played in the youth sector and I always dreamed of one day being able play there as a protagonist. Now the dream has come true, when I play the first match at Palaverde it will be an indescribable emotion that I am already looking forward to today. “
In Brindisi in four seasons you have had great satisfactions, here your goals?
“With Brindisi it was a long and rewarding experience, we started years ago with the aim of saving ourselves and instead we have grown a lot to play the Italian Cup final and also finish second in the regular season, playing the cups and at the top in the league. Unfortunately, the icing of a trophy was missing, but it was a beautiful start. I hope something similar can happen with Treviso, the first goal is obviously to keep the category, but with time and growth who knows that a similar path cannot be followed, but this will be seen in the course of construction. “

You arrive in full maturity, do you feel in the right place at the right time?
“I would say yes, I have gained some experience, I am thirty years old, I have traveled a lot and had many experiences that have been formative. I am no longer a boy, I feel like a man and I am happy that the call from Treviso has arrived right now in the period in which I feel I have reached my best level both physically and mentally and therefore I am convinced that I can give TVB 100% of my potential. ” Have you talked to coach Marcelo Nicola? ” I talked to coach Nicola, I am very happy with the role he proposed and thought for me, he made me feel important. It was just what I wanted, to be in a project where I feel involved as in Brindisi if not more and when the coach offered me an important role I didn’t hesitate and I’m very happy. I had no doubts, I didn’t even look at other offers even though I was a free agent, because I had everything I wanted. Now it’s up to me to work to deserve this chance that was given to me and to honor the TVB shirt every day, in training and in matches.

One of the strengths of Palaverde is the push of the fans, a greeting from you …
“Many times I have experienced the matches at Palaverde from the stands and one day I dreamed of playing there with that wonderful support, now I can do it, imagine my adrenaline. I greet all the fans, I can’t wait to see Palaverde as full and warm as in the good times after these years in which it was not possible, it will be a difficult season where we will have to fight every Sunday, we promise you to give our best. and put everything into it. The public that supports us with the passion that I also experienced as an opponent when I came to play there, I am convinced will be able to give us the extra push to give our best and fight in every match. We are waiting for you to experience great emotions together. “

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