Nutribullet Treviso, official the signing of Paulius Sorokas

Nutribullet Treviso Basket has signed Paulius Sorokas. Born in Kaunas. Lithuania, August 25, 1992, 196 cm tall, can play both small forward and strong forward. Great experience of Italian basketball, he is an extremely useful player on both sides of the field, capable of scoring in different ways and of putting his teammates in rhythm thanks to the good predisposition to pass. Defender and rocky rebounder, he puts muscle and energy on the pitch and has always entered the hearts of the fans in the teams in which he has played, thanks to the ability to be a real team man.

After the youth teams in Kauno, Žalgiris-Sabonio made his debut in the first team in 2010 with Zalgiris, remaining there until 2013, with a break in the 2011-2012 championship, where he moved to LSU-Atletas Kaunas in the LKL, always in the Lithuanian top flight. In 2013 he is still at home with the Full Zvaigždės before crossing the Baltic borders.
In 2014 he moved to Italy, hired by the newly promoted to Serie A2 Silver Bakery Piacenza (15.4 points per game), where he meets his sister Indre Sorokaite, then a volleyball player for River Volley, then also seen at Imoco Volley (who plays his matches at Palaverde) in 2019/20. The following year he signed for Blu Basket di Treviglio in A2 where he played two very positive seasons with coach Vertemati (12.8 points per game in 60 games played), with a brief interlude in April and May 2016, when he moved to loan to Aurora Basket Jesi. Conquered salvation with Jesi he returns to Lombardy where he plays the second season in the Treviglio jersey (13.5 points and 8.5 rebounds in ’16 / 17) with which he wins the playoffs. Bel 2017/18 he arrives at Derthona Basket, with which he wins the LNP Italian Cup and reaches the first round of the promotion play-offs (travels at 15.3 points and 10 rebounds on average with 2.8 assists in 35 minutes on average). After many years in Italy we find him in 2018/19 in Belgium at Spirou Charleroi (7 points and 5 rebounds on average), but it is only a parenthesis, the following year he returns to his second basketball homeland signed by Dinamo Sassari where he serves especially as a foreigner for the cups. In 2020/21 he is in Chieti in A2 where he plays as a leader traveling at almost 16 points and 8.6 rebounds per game, deserving another call from the upper floor. In fact, in the season just ended he is one of the drivers of OpenjobMetis Varese in Serie A, where in 25 minutes on average per match he scores 10.7 points and 6.3 rebounds, with 1.4 assists, 46.5% from two and 34% from three. Now he arrives in Treviso Basket where he will bring enthusiasm and experience in the new group under the orders of coach Marcelo Nicola.

Here are his first words as a TVB player:
“I am very happy to continue my career in a historic club like Treviso, it is a pride for me, but at the same time I understand that I will also have a great responsibility. I think this will be another step-up in my career and I can’t wait to start the championship with the new TVB shirt. “
Have you already talked to coach Nicola about your role in the new team that is being born?
“Yes, I have already talked a little with coach Nicola, we have heard. We didn’t talk much, but I liked his basketball intelligence and the way he said everything directly. We have a similar idea, namely that my role on the pitch should be more or less like last year in Varese. I really liked the idea of ​​this new project, and I think that with my experience in the Italian championship I will be able to give a lot on the pitch, but also outside in the locker room, helping the team to create the group and bring positive energy into the environment. “
Do you think you arrived in Treviso at the height of your sporting maturity? “
“It was a long journey looking at where I started from and where I am today. Each year I have managed to add something more to my basketball, but I have also grown a lot as a person. But it is a path that is certainly not over, there is always room to learn, and this year too I am ready to work hard to take a step forward in all aspects of my game. “
As a good Lithuanian you grew up on “bread and basket”, what are your memories of Treviso?
“It’s true, I’ve always followed basketball and from what I remember as a child, in Treviso there is an air of high-level basketball, there aren’t many cities in Europe with so much history. It will be a great pride to wear the jersey of this city and play at Palaverde in front of a “cultured” audience in terms of basketball. “
Among other things, at Palaverde your sister Indre curiously played and won a short while ago, have you talked about it?
“Yes, of course, I often talk to her, we are very close. She only told me good things, from the building to the people there, one of the hottest arenas she has ever played in and she told me that even when she went to watch TVB’s basketball there was crazy fans. I also remember when I played there, there was a great atmosphere, warm and very nice to see, even if I was an opponent. “
What do you want to say to your new audience?
“As I said, with people who understand basketball and have become accustomed to the top level in Europe in the past years, it is normal for the Treviso fans to also be ‘demanding”. I like this, it’s inspiring to aim high rather than have low goals. To introduce myself just say one thing, I will do my utmost to bring them good feelings and leave everything I have on the court, this is my way of playing basketball. “
Summer programs?
“I have some time for holidays now after a difficult season, but since the end of June I have a personalized plan for preparation and improvement for next season. A lot of hard work awaits me, but I want to be ready for the challenges of this new season. “

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