Pinguini Tattici Nucleari, Riccardo Zanotti a CM: 'Lukaku, torna all'Inter! Grazie Ranocchia'

The passion for Inter, Holly and Benji, the myth of Ibra, the desire for a “Lukaku 2” and friendship with Ranocchia. We met Riccardo Zanotti, frontman of the Nuclear Tactical Penguinsclose to the start of the “Where we stayed Tour“, which will start on June 14 in Conegliano, and a few days after the release of the single”Young Wannabe“. The song is accompanied by a video starring the couple, artistic and in life, formed by Chiara Pieri and Francesco Mehths Ciconetti, trans boy and communicator for transgender issues.

Single just released and video already on trend. Disappointing bomb for the issues touched upon. What is behind this choice?
“In the video we wanted to tell an incredible love story, which has traveled a lot, changing and transforming itself, remaining a great love story. It is a video clip that is hungry for life and future, with two protagonists, Francesco and Chiara, who with great naturalness and normality they tell a fantastic story. I got in touch with them via Instagram and they impressed me. Pop must also have the courage to tell themes that some may not yet accept or acknowledge, breaking through a media wall that still sometimes is created “.

Who is the Young Wannabe?
“He is the Wannabe in a positive sense, the one who aspires to become something in a changing world. He is a person who is hungry for life, even at the age of 90. To use a football metaphor, he is the striker who returns a little. ‘in defense, who aspires to a goal but at the same time thinks he has to do more. A sort of reconstruction from below, based on recognized rights, in the workplace as existential, from minimum wages to gender fluidity “.

You that Young Wannabe have you been?
“Riccardo” Young Wannabe “had three phases in his life. The first one in which he wanted to be a footballer, thanks to Holly and Benji and my grandfather’s passion for Inter. I always played football. I had the dream of playing football. Wembley. Then, at a certain point, I discovered Queen and I told myself that I wanted to go to Wembley but as a musician. And it was the second phase. Then there was a third one, of “almost disillusionment” , in which I realized how difficult it is to reach certain places in this musical and recording environment. At that point I told myself I could turn to a degree in architecture or engineering. But there was still that little voice that told me “you have to try in some way “. I just had the courage to try seriously and it went well.”

Cesare Cremonini also dreamed of Wembley, then said he found his Live Aid this year in Sanremo.
“Cesare has a particular story about Sanremo, because he was rejected with Lunapop and this year was a revenge. For us Penguins too, every time we go on stage, it’s a bit of a Wembley on one side and one revenge on the other. I, for example, started singing because, as a guitarist, I couldn’t find anyone willing to sing with me. But now every time I go on stage it’s a revenge “.

From June 14, you will be back on tour. What are the sensations before the live restart?
“There is a great happiness and joy to get back on stage, but also many more awareness. We have had a great misfortune with the closures in the post Covid music sector, but also a great fortune to have made Sanremo just before, reaching a general public. The awareness is that our world must change. It seemed to me that I saw a country that did not even know that ours is a full-fledged job. Now we need more protection and also more information, about our work and about that of all the technicians who work with music. I don’t know if this Tour will become a film but now, as we leave, we want to make evident our great gratitude for the job we do and all our team “.

What big concert will you attend as a spectator now that everything is finally reopened?
“I would have liked to go see Paul McCartney and I hope there will be an opportunity in the future. Dua Lipa and Vasco were also in the plans for the last few days, but we are working a lot between rehearsal and studio, so they jumped. I hope to be able to see Imagine. Dragons. I have a great desire for “big productions” after these last two years “.

Let’s talk about football, I read this sentence from your parents in an interview: “One day they took him off the bench to put him on the pitch, where Riccardo sat down, sending his teammates and the coach into a tailspin”. It’s true?
“It’s very true, but I was very young (I was 5 years old) and I still didn’t understand where I was. One day I didn’t want to play and, for a kind of peaceful protest, I sat in the middle of the field to make the clay molds and sand. The passion for football came a little later. I played in attack, I had the myth of Ibra, I was very tall, even if not particularly physically built, and they used me above all for the head sides. ”

Are you an Inter fan like your grandfather?
“Yes, I’m an Inter fan thanks to him. He went to work in Milan from Bergamo in the 1960s. He fell in love with Herrera’s Inter and, consequently, when my brother and I arrived, we were taken to the path of interism. But I’m also a sympathizer for Atalanta, also because I’m surrounded by Atalanta band mates, but my heart remains Inter. ”

There is also a lot of Inter in your lyrics. You “support Inter and don’t say it softly” I think …
“Yes, because in the lyrics I put a little of my daily life and when you support a team like Inter you can’t leave it out of the songs. It’s difficult to cheer Inter Milan sometimes, because it creates so many heart swings and you never know how it will end, but I like the “struggle”. The cheering for Inter seems almost like a soap opera. It is a very “literary” and “musical” team, it is no coincidence that many songwriters cheer Inter Milan. For example I loved this championship, regardless of how it ended, because until the end he kept me attacked. It was a good fight and now we will see how it goes in the next season. ”

Speaking of the transfer market, who are you dreaming of next season?
“Definitely Lukaku. He’s gone and now he seems to want to come back. I don’t know what will happen and how feasible it is, but I think he is an incredible player and that he can be decisive. As a fan I would accept him again, because we must also accept that players are people and they can make wrong choices, having the possibility to go back. I don’t see it as a bad thing, also because I write so many songs about nostalgia, melancholy and golden age syndrome “.

Is there an Inter player you are particularly attached to?
“Definitely Frog (he frees himself on a free transfer at the end of June and is in the sights of Monza, ed). We also hear often, I know he really appreciates our songs, and both my brother and I are great admirers, of the man Frog as well as that of the player and the Nerazzurri flag “.

A curiosity: did you then denounce Bono Vox and Martin Garrix for the alleged “plagiarism” of Euro 2020? (the anthem of the last European is very similar to Ringo Starr’s refrain of the Penguins).
“No, we didn’t (laughs, ed). Also because in music, especially when you do pop, there is the case. The notes are 12 and the pentatonic scale is quite common. So it is understandable that there may be similarities or affinities. . Besides, in such a case, a lawyer doesn’t work “pro bono” and in this case, even if our lawyer did, it would still be a problem. But it was funny, because at a time when we didn’t have any promotions. , records or live, all of a sudden they were talking about us without us doing anything “.

Do you have a new album planned?
“Yes, honestly I tell you we have it in the cellar. We are working on it slowly. Now there is the tour to think about, so we have a little bit of it out of our heads, but in the not too distant future it will come out”.

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