Now everyone wants Gnonto.  Luckily the national team is useless

Fiorentina, Sassuolo, Monza, Friborg, Hoffenheim: these are the companies that are interested in Willy Gnonto after his debut boom in blue. Luckily, the national team is useless, according to some football scientists nested in the clubs who see Club Italia as an annoying obstacle to avoid along their streets, often not very bright and just as often paved with foreign flasks. Not to mention the technicians who either don’t notice the talents grown at home or don’t have the courage to put them to the test, inducing them to change scenery. Mancini, on the other hand, of courage to sell: this is confirmed by the six absolute rookies (Cancellieri, Dimarco, Frattesi, Gnonto, Pobega, Ricci) launched in one fell swoop against Germany, indicated as one of the favorites of the next world championship. It will always be a good day when many clubs will understand not in words but in deeds how a strong national team is fundamental for the entire movement. Other than snubbing it.

Pellegrini, goal with Italy's '10' but not enough: 1-1 with Germany

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Pellegrini, goal with Italy’s ’10’ but not enough: 1-1 with Germany

The right choice

Also for this reason, the story of Willy, just 18 years old champion of Switzerland with Zurich and now a happy blue in the Nations League, is a school case. Having grown up in the thriving nursery of the new Italian Primavera champion Inter, the boy from Baveno accepted the Zurich offer two years ago. A move not dictated by mere pecuniary reasons – the contract of Zhang’s club was in line with the parameters of the other boys – but by the opportunity to play immediately in the Swiss top league. A right choice, now consecrated by Mancini’s long eye and the strength of destiny, as documented by that photo of twelve-year-old Willy next to the then Inter coach during the 2015 Christmas party.

The antidote to escape

The smile of the polyglot son of Boris Noel and Chantal Gnonto (don’t miss the splendid reportage in the Gnonto house by Andrea Ramazzotti, today in Corriere dello Sport-Stadio) shines on the cover of Mancini’s new Italy. In Bologna he has only taken the first step along the road to relaunch and Hungary in Cesena will already be a significant counter-proof, but the direction is indicated, there is no turning back. Now it is important to provide clubs with the antidote to the flight abroad of many Italian talents who can only sign a professional contract when they turn 16. Which, in his time, allowed Benfica to steal Ndour, now eighteen, from Atalanta; to Bayern to swoop down on the Juventus player Pisano (born in 2006); to Dortmund to sign the Dorian Mane (2005). Ramazzotti indicates the solution of the problem in the pre-training contract, which can be signed at the age of 15, already in force in various European federations. Just copy.

Swiss tank: Mancini, after Gnonto also Esposito?

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Swiss tank: Mancini, after Gnonto also Esposito?

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