Now De Rossi can coach: Cagliari is thinking about it

SENT TO BOLOGNA – It’s been days hot for Daniele De Rossi. The former Giallorossi Captain Futuro, 117 appearances in National (like Chiellini), he is waiting to know if he will soon be able to enter a new, much desired dimension: that of trainer of club. And this just as his greatest friend in blue, Andrea Pirlo (116 matches with Italy, like Bonucci) is ready to return to Park bench, after the experience in black and white at Juventus. For DDR there is a concrete one possibility to arrive at Cagliarijust relegated to B: the former world champion midfielder is in contention with Fabio Liverani, who met the Cagliari sports director Capozucca yesterday in Milan. In the next few hours, President Giulini will undo the knot. Speaking of world suggestions, last week there was a meeting between Cagliari and Filippo Inzaghi. But this hypothesis now appears to have faded. All this while the Maestro is in full negotiation with the Turks of the Karagumruk. With him, the historic match analyst Gagliardi (12 years of national team), former European champion and just out of Mancini’s staff, would also move to Anatolia, renouncing the double role between club and Federation.

De Rossi’s choice

But let’s get back to De Rossi. The current technical collaborator of the coach, who returned to the left-handed working group at the beginning of the year, after having been part of the European mission, which ended with the triumph in London last July, has made a choice of his own. It is not difficult to think that the Federation could also have important projects for him. The fact is that he wants to prove himself on the pitch, leading a team.

The derogation

Meanwhile, the next June 21stwill receive an exemption from the Technical Sector to be able to train also in A and B, by virtue of the fact that from September he will follow the Uefa Pro Master course to obtain the highest degree of qualification. de Rossi she has obtained the Uefa A license, with which she can at this moment train up to the C series or up to the A female. In order to complete their training course, the last step was missing. Which he landed on through the new federal contract. Now it is a matter of seeing what will happen.

Five-year plan

What is sure is that de Rossi feels ready e highly motivated. His choice was also discussed in family. We could talk about the plan five years for DDR. Between now and 2027 (Daniele runs for 39) he expects to be able to make his way to a certain level. As mentioned, at the moment Cagliari (B) is the closest club to offer him this first opportunity. Capozucca he is intrigued by this charismatic deb. At the same time, a club that thinks of a young team needs to focus on a coach who gives guarantees (this is the case of Liverani). De Rossi, on the other hand, had already been a ‘idea caressed by Cagliari at the time of Di Francesco’s exemption (those times were too immature). As for other names in the Cagliari notebook, it must be added that the positions of Gotti and Andreazzoli have been evaluated. But the game open at the moment remains that between DDR and Liverani, slightly ahead. The former Parma coach, also from Rome, had “clashed” with the former Giallorossi on the field in the years of his Lazio militancy, three decades ago.

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