Not only Gatti: what Mancini's new Italy teaches at A.

Against the GermanyRoberto Mancini can reach 50 rookies (Sacchi, which the coach will reach in the next match with 53 blue benches, launched 55), among the 91 he has called since the beginning of his management (European champion in 2021; 32 wins, 15 draws , 5 defeats, 108 goals scored, 31 conceded, 37 consecutive useful games, absolute record). Among the next novices alongside Caprari, 28, and Luiz Felipe, 25, will be Giorgio Scalvini, 18 years old on 11 December last, who joined the Atalanta nursery when he was 11, launched in Serie A by Gasperini when he was 17, adding 21 appearances (18 in the league, 2 in the Europa League, 1 in the Italian Cup) in his first season as a professional.

Not just Cats

The first three games of the new Nations Leagueafter which Italy leads in group 3, they saw the coach dictate a message loud and clear to our football and to many colleagues in the top league: there are good players, even in a tournament that in the last edition recorded an average foreign presence of 63%. And, since they are there, you have to let them play. Gatti has not yet collected a minute in A, like Gnontohow Savior Esposito playing in B in Spal. Cats three years ago he was in D, two years ago in C.

An Italy that is hungry

TO Wolverhampton, where the blue first half was of absolute beauty, qualitatively superior even to the first portion of the game with Hungary, hit the athletic strength of the national team despite being at the end of the season, like the opponents. There truth is that the New Italy he runs much more than in the past because you can see that he is hungry, like the absolute rookies who have never pulled their leg back. Gatti’s story to Tiziana Alla of Raisport is the paradigm of the spirit that animates the Azzurri. “When I was a window maker or a bricklayer, I would wake up early in the morning. A short break of half an hour to eat a sandwich and then in the evening we would go to the field to train. I finished at 10.30 and still had to have dinner and in the morning we left .. . I arrived at the field stained with paint, I painted the wooden beams. I am thankful for having made this journey: it was formative “. Here you are, formative: the adjective that explains many things. Di Gatti and boys like Esposito, Scalvini, Frattesi and the others called by Mancini. Ricci confided: “The national team A is a unique emotion, a great stimulus for us youngsters”. It would now be the case also for those coaches that good Italian players either keep on the bench or force to emigrate. And maybe they are ranting on the crisis of the tricolor football that will not go to the World Cup.

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