Nicola stays in Salerno to fly like Vasco's Angels

There choice she couldn’t be more provident and, at the same time, more significant for the Salerno and for his fans, still shocked by the break between Iervolino and Sabatini. To understand the reasons that led David Nicola to honor the contract until 2024, already signed last week, just click on video posted by the coach on social media. He portrays Davide all’Arechi, the night of salvation, while he rings one, two, three laps of the field in front of an audience drunk with happiness, as if that moment would never end. Column sound: “The angels” by Vasco Rossi. A choice not at all casual for a gentleman who always manages to communicate to the world what he feels, in the best way, in joy and pain, being a man of true feelings. Like the words of the song he chose to accompany the images.

“You can’t go back down”

They say all about crazy comeback Salerno, consigned to the annals of our football for the way and for the determination that have marked what has become sensationally from impossible possible. “You can’t explain here / You have a surprise / That you can’t even imagine it / You can’t go back / You can’t go back down / When you fly by now / You can’t fall anymore / You see roofs and houses / And the suburbs are large / And you see how many things / It’s just nonsense / And from here, and from here / Angels don’t come here / With fireflies and cicadas / And from here, and from here / You don’t see those summers there / Those summers there / Here it’s logical / Changing your mind a thousand times / And it’s easy / Feeling like throwing away / Here you have no excuse / That can keep you up / Here the night is dark / And there is only you “. Crotone, Genoa, Turin, Salerno, four saves, four companies: the stages of the work from Nicola they are marked with the will to go beyond every obstacle because, if faith moves mountains, passion pushes them.


Good Panini did in attributing to David the ‘Gold Figurine’, with that hashtag #semprealmassimo that summarizes the set of values ​​in which the technicians’ collaborators, who remained with him at the Salerno: Federico Barni, Simone Barone, Manuele Cacicia, Gabriele Stoppino. I remember the first match with Nicola, just over five years ago, on the field of Steccato di Cutro, where his was training Crotone, at the time last in the standings after having collected only 9 points in the first round. On his return he totaled 25, of which 20 between April and May, saving himself on the last day, as would have happened at Salernitana. That day, at Steccato di Cutro, Davide told me: “Everyone says we are doomed, that we will never be saved, that we have no hope, that we will never be saved. I, on the other hand, watch my players while they train and I understand that we’ll make it glory greater than a man does not lie in his mistakes, but in his ability to rise again every time we fall. “Cutro-Salerno fence, everything is held.

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