Nations League, Italy-Germany 1-1: Kimmich takes Pellegrini back, Mancini relaunches

Italy’s new cycle begins with a more than satisfactory draw against Germany. After a hard-fought first half, l‘1-1 final matures in the second half with goals from Pilgrims And Kimmich, made less than three minutes away. Mancini shows up at the Dall’Ara with ten new elevenths compared to the owners of the game lost against Argentina, confirming the only Donnarumma, also decisive this evening. As well as Gnonto who in his debut, as a substitute, revitalized the Azzurri and provided the assist for the goal of the Roma captain. Mancini and Flick thus share the stakes in group 3 of League A of the Nations League. Italy did not beat the Germans from 2-1 with Balotelli brace of Euro 2012: since then the national team has collected 4 draws and one defeat.

Donnarumma opposes Gnabry, Florenzi opposes Muller, Scamacca stake

Azzurri in apnea in the first minutes of the game, the German pressure is scary and Mancini’s boys mainly think about defending themselves in order. The first dangerous shot arrives at 15 ‘, when Gnabry panic on the right, slips into the area and unloads on goal: Donnarumma it is responsive and nasty. Italy grows with the passing of the minutes and arrives more easily in the opposing half of the field, especially on the outside with Florenzi And Biraghi. At 26 ‘it is Florenzi himself who opposes, slipping, to a poisonous conclusion attempted by Muller. On the opposite side of the field the most proactive, even from a distance, is Frattesibut at 35 ‘ Scamacca is only stopped by the pole. The German restarts seem to be lethal, but fortunately they turn out to be imprecise on the most beautiful side. The first half then ends at 0-0.

Pellegrini unlocks in the 70th minute, Kimmich equalized two minutes later, Donnarumma avoids the knockout

The second half begins with a renewed blue aggression which, however, in the 51st minute leads to a yellow card Pilgrims. At 53 ‘ Scamacca try to surprise Neuer with a stunt which, however, proves to be ineffective. After the injury of Politano (replaced by rookie Gnonto), a heated discussion between the players leads to two yellow cards: one for Florenzi and one for Kehrer. In the 66th minute he was also booked Tonali. The result is released in the 70th minute, when Gnonto from the right he leaves a perfect cross for the winning tap-in of Pilgrims. Germany’s reaction is instinctive and lethal: in the 73rd minute Kimmich even the score by solving a series of rebounds in the heart of the blue area. Two consecutive bailouts of Donnarumma avoid the German doubling, while Pobega, Marco’s, Chancellors And Curls take the place of Tonali, Biraghi, Scamacca and Frattesi. The substitute Havertz immediately receives a yellow card after hitting Pellegrini and, demonstrating the growing nervousness for the result in the balance, is also sanctioned Werner. At 92 ‘a header by Cristante is deflected for a corner: this is the last thrill of the match.


Pellegrini, goal with Italy's '10' but not enough: 1-1 with Germany

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Pellegrini, goal with Italy’s ’10’ but not enough: 1-1 with Germany

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