National and foreign, the problem is Vecio

In a few days we will celebrate the 40 years from the triumph in the World Cup of Spainthat of Enzo Bearzot. Leafing through the collection of the newspaper in search of some contents of the time, a colleague found – and immediately reported it – the controversy triggered on the eve of mid-August ’84 by Vecio on the presence of foreigners in Italy. There National Olympic – fished out, she did – had just made a bad impression at the Los Angeles Games and the coach came out with these words: «Foreigners are ruining us. They are all forwards and midfielders. With two per team I have 32 fewer players to choose from (Serie A was still 16, ed.).

“Class foreigners are useful to any team,” Nils replied Liedholm “With them, young people can acquire personality and experience”. About forty years later we arrived at two Italians per team and classy foreigners have practically disappeared: very few remain and almost all of them are over thirty-four.

Given what is happening to ours soccer also in championship and in cupsI am convinced that the best way to remember Bearzot is to take a cue from his indictment of one reflection deep and articulate that encourages immediate, shared (well, goodbye) and effective solutions.

Historically we Italians we are not able to exploit the successes nor do the failures: the former, after the celebrations, push us to feel great and to delay reforms, while the latter multiply gossip and good intentions. Among which – given the notable presence of self-appointed experts, high-ranking executives, school opinion leaders (Coverciano) – are missing the thoughts and suggestions of the Sport Bar, where a few holy wise things could be recorded.
Like the speeches of Bearzot not by chance shared by the people. And from the most experienced coaches and players. To have Bagni, a handyman and powerful genius, in the team, Vecio had to beg and repack him: Salvatore already had in mind the figure of palta that we would have done. He who at least had grown up with Maradona. At Bar Sport it was said, for example – like Enzo – that the technical contribution of foreigners indicated not only by Liedholm but by illustrious critics – was also thwarted by their inability to communicate. And there were already those who emphasized the merits of communication. Champions like Falcao, Platini, Boniek, Zico and Cerezo teamed up and learned the puppets not only by physical example, but by speaking a funny Italian. Years later – just to reiterate the damage – a club that had hired a famous Greek had to keep a Greek pharmacist who acted as interpreter at hand for meetings with the coach. Ignorance did the rest.
And Mancini does not have – as happened to the Europeans – high school graduates and even a few graduates: this time – no offense – thanks to foreigners we start from elementary school. And from Pobega, Ricci, Raspadori, Bastoni, Scamacca, serious guys. More than others.

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