Nasti, social controversy with Turani: "You're a clown"

ROME – In an Instagram post by Francesca Barra A social clash has broken out: the object is the social post of Chiara Nasti about the pregnant women who “break away”. The bell infulencer had replied to a user, who commented on the excellent state of form of her during pregnancy, defining the new manne that gain weight “svaccate”. A word that has aroused so much criticism: after Anna Munafò, even Francesca Barra, journalist and presenter, wife of Claudio Santamaria, has decided to have her say. Under her post, she also stepped in Paola Turani, who received a “piqued” and personal response from the company of the Lazio player, Mattia Zaccagni.

Nasti, special wishes to Mattia Zaccagni

Nasti comments on the latest attacks on social media: “Meaningless”

Nasti-Turani, question and answer under the post of the Barra

Francesca Barra decided to comment on the post by Chiara Nasti about the new mothers who “svaccano”: “Better empty than ignorant and bully “wrote in an Instagram post: “Chiara Nasti considers women who gain kilos empty? Will you recover them all immediately? And oh well! What are we surprised at, what are we indignant at … who does the criticism come from: from someone you care about? What do we care? or beautiful and happy? Because if the flab for a child (controlled by the doctor), it makes us happy and afterwards it will take us longer than her to lose them, but what do we care? We are human! bullies all over the world, right? (if her followers like to be called svaccate, their problems and their references) You are beautiful, you are giving your life! Voloutsis our motto “. To these words were also added those of Paola Turaniwho writes: “20kg taken during pregnancy doing sports with a healthy lifestyle! After 8 months I still have 2/3 but that’s fine !! Did I feel “empty” during pregnancy ?! NO. On the contrary. I was great. However, as you said dear Francesca Barra, we understand very well who certain releases come from and we learn to give them the right weight … A hug“. Chiara Nasti immediately replied directly to Turani, who did not mince words to answer the model from Bergamo:”Said the one who came under my photos 10 years ago spamming the photos of “follow me spare”. Licking people’s asses and saying what they want to hear is good for you. What a clown you are. “

Chiara Nasti pregnant:

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Chiara Nasti pregnant: “Welcome fifth month”

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