Napolimania: Spalletti preoccupato, ora c'è anche la grana Mertens. Juve, Koulibaly non tradirà come Higuain

The Napoli that wants to win the Scudetto is incomplete and full of uncertainties. The president De Laurentiis has promised the fans the conquest of the title but at the moment there are no conditions even for the fourth place. All the fault of an outgoing market that does not promise anything good. Apart from four five players (Rrahmani, Anguissa, Lobotka, Di Lorenzo and Osimhen) all the others can leave. Don Aurelio doesn’t look anyone in the face, either you do as he says or else the door is as beautiful as it is open. The speech is especially true for Koulibaly. Which is what earns the most of the Neapolitan group. Ramadani arrives this week to speak with the patron but the conditions for a renewal are not there. He could stay another year and then say goodbye on a free transfer or leave this summer. Provided that at least 35 million is reached. And here Juventus immediately entered.

Juventus fans dream of KK alongside De Ligt for a Scudetto lady. The bianconeri hope that Kalidou can betray Napoli as did Gonzalo Higuaìn. But knowing the Senegalese would never do people a disgrace to him. If you really have to leave the Gulf, it is better to go abroad and not with the historical sporting enemy of the Neapolitan people. It would be too much of an affront to see him in the striped shirt. Not a small distortion and this Koulibaly knows it. But the sirens of the money of the Agnelli can bewitch anyone. Even the black giant who has no intention of cutting his salary. Everything depends on what will happen in the summit that will take place in a few days between Napoli and the defender’s entourage. In case of black smoke it would be a big problem. It would give Juventus the opportunity to impose itself and forget the various problems it has within it. Cuadrado who does not accept a downward renewal and De Ligt who is not happy with the two consecutive fourth places.

Not only Koulibaly. Napoli is also grappling with the Mertens case. That in order to leave, he would have asked for four million net for next season through his lawyers. An absurd madness when you consider that Insigne was gone for much less. Ospina is also headed elsewhere if he is not satisfied with De Laurentiis’s proposal. Perhaps the only one who could get away with it is Fabian. Given the age there may be an opening for renewal. But nothing is sure. Meanwhile Spalletti on vacation is unable to relax because he still does not know which team he will have to coach from 9 July onwards in Dimaro-Folgarida.

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