Napoli, Scudetto means project

He said it Adl and, at least until proven otherwise, the promise or the wish or if anything, the dream cannot be classified as an exquisitely summery slogan, an effect phrase to let float on the emotional waves of a fabulous summer. «We will do everything to bring the Scudetto to Naples and we will try to win it all together». It’s really true, tomorrow is another day, and so yesterday too. And from Monday 30 May to this morning other various things have happened, which have taken steps to poison the wells, ending up slipping into the labyrinth of memory. investments for Kvaratskheliafor Olivera and for Anguissaone fifty millions of euros which also make sense, yes. But Naplesnet of nostalgia, she has begun to vibrate with fear and smells the danger that it is about to evaporate once. And while Dries Mertens is ingloriously scratched by vague and offensive suspicious that overlook his very personal history, Kalidou Koulibaly understandably sprinkle a pinch of anxiety about an emotional and worried city. Among the twilight of this market which can represent the frontier between one era and another, it has also settled Ospinaanother “pillar” that vacillates and therefore risks tearing from project from Spalletti, poor thing he; nor can we pretend to ignore that in front of an indecent offer, legitimately to be accepted, too Osimhen it would end up becoming a popular obsession.

Before scenarios not necessarily imaginativealso slips away the very nature of philosophy of the Naples, based on cost containment, on the “control” of the amount of wages, on a policy that guarantees the health of the club itself. It is legitimate, and even indispensable, to confront one’s own wallet and put it in safety, the trace of an idea that can shape a reasonably balanced life or, why not ?, to direct itself, in the short or medium or long term, towards a assignment of the club. But these are interpretations – not too free – while instead the only reflection imposes a dry question: how big, if any, is the distance between storytelling and planning and how can one and the other coexist? Why with this breeze which blows in the opposite direction, at least for now, the risk that Naples could run into a transition season would end up freezing (even more) those who were stuck in the last famous words: “We will do everything to bring the Scudetto to Naples.”

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De Laurentiis: “I want to win the Scudetto”

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