Napoli refuses Mertens' offers

NAPLES – “No thank you”. Maybe the words these may not have been exactly, but the highlight of the reply of the Naples to the proposal of renewal formulated through an email sent Sunday by Stirr Associates, the Keerbergen law firm that looks after the interests of Mertensit was just a rejection. Polite, we also do formal and probably in English, but nonetheless stopped: Dries’ request – confirmed by the blue club – for a 2.4 million annual contract, plus 1.6 million signing bonuses, more bonuses linked to objectives, more commissions for agents was not considered in line with the needs and company policy. A reply predictable and indeed expected, considering the intentions to air an extension up to 2023 at figures close to a million and a half (perhaps with some bonuses), but now also official: the Naples, according to what has emerged in these tormented, confused and agitated days, he is still willing to keep the doors open, but under completely different conditions. That is: if Ciro will review yours locations, on the other hand legitimate in a negotiation as much as those of the club, then the story could change. We will see, who knows. In the next few days and certainly after the end of Belgium’s commitments in the Nations League, up until Tuesday. The fact is that later nine years of love, emotions, tongues, goals and records, and above all after an evocative meeting with the president looking at the Gulf from the terrace of the Mertens house, it ended with an exchange of e-mails. Virtual reality. But always reality.

The 6 o’clock answer

So, the 6 o’clock answer coffee amaro and the identified term: the Naples informs Stirr Associates, the law firm of lawyers Stijn Francis and Laurens Melotte, the rejection of the proposal relating to renewal until 2023 of the Mertens contract, 35 years old on 6 May, expiring on 30 June. At the base, of course, differences of views: in one concept, too much distance between supply and demand. On Monday, among other things, sources close to Dries had leaked a different request to that of the e-mail from the lawyers of Keerbergen, a town nestled in the heart of Flanders which is about twenty minutes from Leuven, the player’s hometown: two-year agreement for 2.5 million euros, so as to spread the salary of 4.5 million plus 500 thousand euros of bonus received in the last two seasons. Comments on this? “Nobody, I’m not talking about this story. I can’t help you », the telephone dribbling of Mr. Melotte.

Napoli-Mertens: total frost on the renewal

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Napoli-Mertens: total frost on the renewal

Future far from Naples

The here I’min short, it is official: the Naples And Mertens I am more far away. Divided by a Wall that only two, Dries and De Laurentiis, could break down; however wanting it. The virtual events of the last few days have appeared diametrically opposed to the conditions created earlier with the meeting at Palazzo Donn’Anna after Empoli, complete with the president’s thought of the little one Ciro Romeo; and then with the post Sassuolo tweet through which DeLa, immortalized smiling with father and son, jokingly announced that he had signed Ciro Romeo. The air was good, it seemed the beginning of an endless story, but then the two never saw each other again either on the Monday after the end of the championship (because Mertens announced that he was on vacation) or on the Friday before (because Adl announced that he had a meeting with Spalletti and Giuntoli). Meanwhile, in Belgium communicate the rejection of the player to the proposal of theAnderlecht, while Gattuso’s Valencia, Botafogo, Monaco and OM are waiting. Offers for him also from Qatar, the Emirates and Mexico.

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