Napoli, l'incertezza delle punte: addio Mertens, dubbi Osimhen e Petagna. De Laurentiis risparmia già 20 milioni!

June is the month of uncertainties for Napoli fans who are waiting to discover the future of many players. Especially those that are expiring, such as Mertens and Ospina, but also those who are at the center of attention of other clubs. There is the example of Osimhen and Petagna. A new Naples is being born, this is clear, the re-foundation is underway, starting from the new salary ceiling set at 3.5 million euros by De Laurentiis. The president wants to get a little closer to the Milan line, which is fourth in terms of salary in Serie A, and despite this he took home the Scudetto.

THE CUTS – With the return to the Champions League, the coffers of Napoli have returned to breathe. This is also why the first two grafts arrived immediately: Kvaratskhelia and Olivera. The fact remains that there is the will and need to also reduce the cost of the salaries of the players in the squad. A first step in this direction has already been taken with the farewells of Ghoulam and Insigne. The full-back received a salary of 2.4 million, while the captain 4.6. With Mertens one step away from goodbye (4.5 million), Napoli would already save 20 million gross of salaries.

MERTENS FOR DEULOFEU – Mertens is now out, only a twist (and a sharply downward request from the Belgian) could change things. Napoli has identified Deulofeu as the replacement for Mertens. Qualitatively, “Ciro” is not discussed, but the Neapolitan company is also working on this movement to go from Mertens’ salary 4.5 million to about 2.5 million that the Spaniard will earn. Furthermore, the advantage would also be personal data, given that the two have seven years of difference.

DOUBT OSIMHENThe key man of Napoli this year was Victor Osimhen. With him on the pitch it’s another story. He still has to file some defects but he can be devastating, especially from the athletic point of view and physical overwhelming power. The Nigerian’s words do not reassure the Neapolitan fans at all: “I know there are many voices who would like me in Spain or England. I don’t know my future, I know that anything can happen”. No certainty of staying in blue, therefore. Meanwhile international clubs are on the move, especially Newcastle and Arsenal. The sirens of the Premier can be heard in the distance, like this De Laurentiis sets the price: at least 100 million euros will be needed to take him away. Presumably Osimhen will stay at least another year in Naples, where he will finally have to find physical continuity for the whole season.

AND PETAGNA? – Even Petagna does not represent a certainty for the future. The former Spal did not have so much luck with the Napoli shirt. Just 9 goals in two years and little, very little space. A striker needs to play, that’s clear. At the foot of Vesuvius space is limited, as Osimhen is in front of him. Almost a year ago Petagna was close to Sampdoria, which today could make up for it. It is not the only club, because there are also Salernitana and Monza on the footballer. Napoli would not want to turn it on loan but to raise cash with its definitive sale for which it will ask at least 20 million euros. Instead, a new “spare” tip will be needed. Broja Chelsea on loan at Southampton tops the list. It will be necessary to understand what the Blues will ask for. The alternative is called Milan Djuric of Salerno. There are very few certainties in the Naples home, never like this year all are transferable and in the meantime the blue renewal has already begun.

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