Naples, the summer reopens the Ounas ballet

The season of Ounas is certainly thesummer: many begin to remember his great talent not yet properly expressed and the ds Joints he begins again to dedicate to him some of the hundreds of daily phone calls that are the bread of the market. Salt and pepper: what is trying to put the Monza on the construction of the team that will have to dedicate itself body and soul to the next Serie A championship, obviously pushed by the hand of Stroppa: with him Adam worked on Crotone for a month before the exemption, in February 2021, but the esteem it is the same as always despite some time having passed. It is not affected, it has not changed, and so he would like to aim at it again: a project that did not go well in B but also an idea immediately re-proposed to Galliani and Berlusconi after the promotion, above all because Ounas has 25 years old and the absolute need to experience a championship as a protagonist, with continuity. This unknown: a year ago, these days, they had looked for the Milan and theOM, the club that more than any other tried to snatch him from Napoli until the last few days, only to surrender to the sinking of the deal. To the delight of Spalletti: Mr. Luciano bet a lot on him. A lot: and it is not wrong to say that it was the great unfulfilled promise of the season.

The budget

And then, summer arrives and Ounas back on the cover. A great classic of the last years: enormous talent, the southpaw in question; an offensive winger capable of also playing the attacking midfielder who enjoys the absolute esteem of his colleagues for the quality and quantity of ideas and plays provided. A sample that had immediately struck and teased them fantasies football by Spalletti, so convinced by the French of Algeria that he took with some anger the hypothesis of a sale at the dawn of the previous championship. Adam, regenerated by so much attention, in the end he willingly accepted the idea of ​​staying in blue, but the excellent conditions were not met and the final balance tells of 21 appearances between the championship and the Europa League – where he scored only the 2 goals of the his vintage -, for a total of 439 minutes. Little, very little, in the face of many physical problems.

Naples market: who leaves, who is in the balance and who arrives

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Naples market: who leaves, who is in the balance and who arrives

Long live the summer

The gifts from Ounas, however, they are indisputable, and so every time the summer market starts he reappears on the catwalk: there is no shortage of admirers and with them also the hope that the next season will be a good one. That of the explosion. Of the consecration: “Stroppa likes it a lot and if you play in Naples it means you have something more than the others,” said Monza director Filippo Antonelli. A confirmation, in short. Official.

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