Napoli, Scudetto means project

Before bandaging his head, and if anything even breaking it, the Naples seems to enjoy arranging in front of him the edges to crash against: and in the summer when anyone could be swaying fantasizing in the magical nights of the Champions League, which sparkle with emotions and not exclusively with gold, the main commitment remains the need to avoid danger. In summary, carrying on the work, Napoli has taken steps to give a refreshing brushed to the budgethas reduced (significantly) the amount of wages, has even anticipated the market with Kvaratskhelia and Oliverahas recovered Anguissa somewhat insolent and then allowed himself to be overwhelmed by a boomerang – environmental intolerance – launched by himself, by that incurable form of verbosity or by the (who knows how much) strategic desire to clarify, to be frontal, limpid, the right is sincere and with due respect for confidentiality.

In short, just enough not to poison the wells. And instead in the air you can feel the malaise of those who, after having had to accept the leave of Insignehe had to discover in (un) usual ways of Mertens’ farewellnot simply the most exciting bomber from a statistical point of view History of Naples. But it is not over here, because in the meantime, while acknowledging the current Naples a very respectable absolute value, within the so-called “project” there remain a couple of very noble perplexities, which pushes to walk on the edge of concern: Ospina has dissolved, and oh well there is that there is trust in Meret and in his stifled talent; but in 378 days – therefore in June of the year to come – Koulibaly and Fabian Ruiz they will be free to go on their own, opening up to the world at no cost, leaving two chasms in defense and in midfield and that bitter aftertaste that is also the wake of an indisputable disaffection, which is not exclusively neither social nor gut, but it is a fact which must be separated from opinion because there is fog on the horizon.

De Laurentiis has never pursued consensus, if anything the exact opposite, has spread pickaxes in the wind that end up becoming divisive and indifference towards dissent. But football continues to be a terrible, lovable feeling that should simply be washed down not with promises or gifts from the market but with a familiar atmosphere or even banally cordial, a smile, a caress to Mertens that goes away. While instead, if it were to go down a Martian over Naplesit would be right that he asked himself: but what is happening, really here there will be Champions or are you kidding me?

Naples, all the market objectives: the names of incoming and outgoing

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Naples, all the market objectives: the names of incoming and outgoing

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