There Naples Swimming he wins with merit over Velletri and maintains the top of the standings with a length of advantage over Brizz Nuoto. A game always conducted ahead in the score by the Phlegraean team that from the very beginning put the game downhill. In evidence among the blue the tests of Anna De Magistris, author of six goals good at exploiting the opportunities she had in attack with shrewdness and cunning. Simona Abbate also performed well, attentive also in the coverage phase, and Parisi who found important and valuable goals. In just two and a half minutes from the start of the match, Napoli immediately makes it clear that the knockout suffered last week was just a bad day. A brace from De Magistris and, then, the goals from Abbate and Parisi allow the Phlegrean players to reach 4-0. Velletri has a reaction but still De Magistris in front of goal closes the first half at 6-2. In the second half the match is more balanced. Sgrò misses a penalty but Massa and Parisi increase the advantage in favor of the blue (8-2). The guests, then, take advantage of a moment of inattention in Naples with the result that halfway through the race is 9-4. The third set is full of forehead reversals and goals. The blue technician asks his girls to close the spaces in the water in defense and so the Phlegrean players reach 13-6 with an excellent team game. The rhythms are very high with Velletri trying to shorten the distances. A Parisi goal sets the score at 16-9 at the end of the third half. In the last half the blues manage the advantage without taking big risks in defense and win at the end with merit for 18-11.

INTERVIEWS “We won a match that was not at all easy on the eve of the match – said Barbara Damiani, coach of the Napoli Nuoto team -. I am satisfied with the team’s performance because already in the first half we made it clear that we wanted to put it downhill. Of course we committed some lightness in defense by giving a little something to the opponents. These are mistakes that we must correct and we must no longer commit in the future. Today I had all the players on the roster play also to make everyone understand that each of them, even those who play only for a minute, is important for the compactness of the group and for the game itself. Next week we have two engagements with Torre del Grifo and Brizz Nuoto, between Saturday and Sunday, where we will go there to win them “.


NAPLES SWIMMING: Cipriano, Abbate 3, De Magistris 6, Parisi 4, Del Duca, Massa 1, Zizza, Martucci, Anastasio, Micillo E. 1, Foresta 2, Micillo R., Sgrò 1. Att. Damiani

F&D H2O VELLETRI: Galbani, De Luca, Cosentino 1, Ambrosini 1, Bianchi, Aprea G., Aprea A. 3. Bassotti, Papi 4, De Stefano, Fava, Rugora 1, Fabbri 1. All. Luotto

REFEREE: Ioannou

NOTE: Partials 6-2, 3-2, 7-5, 2-2. Napoli Swimming: 5/10 numerical superiority + 1 penalty and 1 wrong. F&D H2O Velletri: 3/6 numerical superiority + 1 penalty and 1 wrong.


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