Naples, Soler appears: he may be the right man for Spalletti

NAPLES – Certain risks must be prevented and the market it is a huge souk in which it is advisable to enter, even for preventive purposes: an idea is born like this, wandering around the football universe, trying to ask or even tease one’s imagination, to anticipate the time to come. The Naples he knows that all or nothing can happen, that Fabian Ruizwith the contract expiring in 2023, could stay (but renew) or even go away, for a not modest sum to be defined: and in order not to be found unprepared, therefore discovered, he launched a look in Spain, looking for a player who can resemble his midfielder in some way. When the name of Carlos Soler it emerged practically out of nowhere, a horizon opened up in collective retro-thoughts: because it is clear that one mezzala like that, one that is born outside (on the right or even on the left) and then ends up in the middle of the field, is a hypothesis to be kept there for future reference.

Who is Carlos Soler

Carlos Soler he is a man of dribbling, temperamental and with personality, a star of the Valencia who at the age of 25 found his consecration and also the accommodation right in front of the defense: he is in the 4-2-3-1 with lightness and personality, he carries with him his 213 career appearances and a now ritual call-up in the National by Luis Enrique, but he too has the same “problem” as Fabian Ruiz, in twelve months he will be free to do as he pleases, to go wherever he wants, and this gives a sharp cut to the valuation of 50 million euros that is collected around . Valencia is rebuilding itself, it cannot afford – like no one – to lose a talent at no cost, and therefore it becomes a ‘attractiveness for those with serious intentions: Napoli has begun to reflect, the rumor has also reached «Marca», and the clue has turned into evidence.

Market developments

But the market it has its tricks, its deceptions and even its own variables: what is valid now, in a minute is already archival material or vice versa, and no one can say what will happen. The Naples who would really like an answer from Fabian Ruzi, to whom he proposed a month ago the possibility of signing a brand new agreement: it could be too late, because in such a situation it is clear that there are interests around the world. But it is the same speech that Carlos is making Soler and Napoli’s fears are identical to those of Valencia, which in its new project – coincidence: entrusted to Gattuso – does not want to find himself with such a footballer who leaves in June 2023 without leaving a euro in the cash register. Either it renews or we can talk about it, it is the elementary law of today’s market, ever.

Soler idol of a city

Soler is theidol of a city in which he was born, he must also deal with such emotions, which are not easy to tame; and then, in the last season, started playing wide and ended by becoming an internal director, he added more: a simplicity in finding the goal – eleven in the league, one in the King’s Cup – which increased his technical value within of a team that remained out of European competition. Napoli, in this, offers more: the opportunity to go around Europe to play for the Champions League and settle in the window of an event that is under the eyes of anyone, including Luis Enrique (clearly).

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