Naples, Renica exclusive: "Without Koulibaly, no scudetto dreams"

NAPLES – “If Koulibaly leaves, there will be no more talk of the Scudetto for many years”. Alessandro Renica he is categorical, telling from his point of view the dawn of a market that tastes like a restart. The former Napoli defender, two league titles in Maradona’s golden age, recalls that “the club is at the end of a cycle and some transfers could be decisive”. There is not only Koulibaly in the balance: Insigne has already left, Mertens has his contract expiring, Fabian has not renewed, Ospina has not yet given an answer to De Laurentiis. «But be careful: last year too it seemed everyone was going to leave and instead De Laurentiis didn’t sell anyone. Let’s wait”.

Is Koulibaly the only irreplaceable one?
«I would never deprive myself of strong players, but if I have to make a name … I choose him. There are no defenders capable of replacing him, not even Bremer could replace him immediately. Koulibaly is a leader, he has charisma, he knows the square, he lives in the locker room. Napoli is starting from young players who need references and he is one of them. Without Koulibaly, personal opinion, we will no longer talk about the Scudetto for many years ».

Ospina has not yet responded to De Laurentiis’ invitation to stay.
«I would not deprive myself of it. In addition to being an excellent goalkeeper, he is also very good with his feet. He has the right maturity to play in a square where the shirt weighs. Meret is strong, but in the last period he has not completely convinced even for the fault not of him. I would have handled it differently ».

Fabian’s future also hangs in the balance.
«The good guys have to stay, but De Laurentiis makes the choices, it is he who knows the accounts and knows what is right to do. Of course, this year he will have to close the budget a bit in the red if he wants to compete with the others. Going back to Fabian, despite being an important player, unlike Koulibaly he can be replaced ».

In Verona, where you live, there is Barak whom Napoli have been following for some time.
«I like him a lot and I think he’s ready for the big leap. He is very interesting, Briegel recalls but with better feet, he went in double figures and he is not for everyone for a midfielder, he has great strength. For me he can play very well in many big names in our league and beyond ».

Is Simeone from Naples too?
«This year he exploded, he knows how to score, he is a bomber, he would look great in the squad. But I wouldn’t see him right away. Naples is not Cagliari or Verona ».

With his words, Mertens made the fans tremble.
“Maybe we don’t know everything about this affair. He is a sincere boy, it is not possible he asked for such a high sum to stay. As a player I would never give it up, he is one of those who makes you win games, he knows how to be decisive. The goals speak for him ».

Is Deulofeu the right man to leave?
«I like him very much, but let’s avoid the misunderstanding: he is not the substitute for Mertens. He can’t be. He has other characteristics. The Spaniard has personality, plays between the lines, dribbles, has imagination. But Dries is a forward. I don’t know if Napoli will be stronger with Deulofeu and without Mertens ».

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