Naples, Politano and Ounas hold back Deulofeu's arrival

NAPLES –For a’wing who enters, even if he plays everywhere, there are two for which invitations to new adventures are expected. Gerard Deulofeuthe jolly identified to reinforce the trocar, he stocked up on patience, he knows that theagreement reached with Napoli to feel already at Maradona, you need theinterlocking of some gusset and among these, in addition to the agreement still to be perfected with Udinese (but it seems almost a formality), the positions of Politano And Ounas. Both are in exit but between a will and the certainty of supporting it there is the market in which it is easy to stay blocked.

Napoli’s strategy

Deulofeu was choice from society as a playmaker to ask for supplies and goals. He scored 13 last season atUdinese, at the age of 28 he is in the prime of his football expression and wishes to return to the Champions League. There is already theunderstanding onengagement, with Udinese contacts are constant, De Laurentiis and Pozzo are business colleagues and Deulofeu could be next. Napoli is stopped at the last offer, 18 million, Udinese is asking for a few more, we are already in the phase of diplomacy and common sense, it will not be too complicated to shake hands. But that’s not enough. Napoli has a priority: surrender then buy. For this reason, in addition to the agreement with Udinese, we are working on the exits. The ds Joints has collected a couple of wishes – Politano’s to try a new experience and Ounas’s not to renew and therefore healthy – and is now exploring the market.

On holiday

Politanohaving greeted the National team, he enjoyed his holidays in Formentera. He doesn’t want to think about the future, he knows there will be time: “When I return to Naples I will speak with the club and with my agent and we will decide what to do” his words to Sportitalia at the end of a year that he defined as positive but in which “something more could be done beyond the Champions League ». His, personal, did not satisfy him: he played less than expected and in the final, from Fiorentina onwards, he was definitively climbed over from Lozano. For this, after dealing with Spalletti and Giuntoli, politely asked for the transfer. Something yes moves: Gattuso’s Valencia, Milan, Fiorentina and Lazio like it, but we are at the first approaches, the courteous requests for information.

The situation of Ounas

Insigne has greeted, Politano could tag along, Ounas is intended for the same epilogue since he would like to have fun again as in Crotone’s days after having deluded himself that he could become a precious resource for Spalletti. The Algerian not will renew, contract expiration 2023, and therefore will leave, but to go where? He likes him at Monza, he is followed by Turin, but Napoli does not sell him off and is waiting for the right offer.

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