Naples, Ostigard resists: now there is the lunge

NAPLES – This is one history that comes from afar, begins a long time (but a long time) ago and then develops according to the dynamics of football, which preserves everything and throws nothing away. This is one each other that takes off in an unsuspected era, the 2021-2022 season, when wandering around the universe in search of young people who could have a futurethe Naples – Giuntoli & Micheli – agreed on the improvement margins of Leo Skiri Østigard, who will turn twenty-three in November and had already made himself known at Stoke City. This is one negotiation which germinates in early spring, towards March, needs a complex timing, requires moderate capital investment but also the need – an entirely football drift – to pay commissions. And anyway this is a deal that Napoli would like to close and in which he moved forward, starting from afar, playing in advance, sensing that in that cuirassiere there are very large margins for improvement already felt in his Genoa semester. And then, having known Italy, there would also be a problem in less, the acclimatization with a country and with a football that already belongs to him not superficially.

Ostigard and the idol Cannavaro

This is also, in its own small way, a dream that can be achieved, because Leo Skiri Østigard when it came to Genoa had on the screen of his smartphone, the photo of Fabio Cannavaro, the idol of a youth crossed following the movements of a golden ball that somewhat marked his formation, which has become a model to study, hoping to emulate him or at least to get closer. You say Cannavaro and think about Naples and when Østigard discovered that those voices they had to be credible, indeed they were completely, he began to imagine one possibility to enter the Maradona with the gaze completely lost in the void. Fairy tales exist.

Napoli received the player’s yes

The soccer has paths that are sometimes bumpy or even simple and the first step, after consulting the Brighton, with which the Norwegian is bound by a contract expiring in the 2023was in any case known by the management of the defender the intentions ei desires of the client: the Yes was immediateyou can only grow and learn alongside Koulibaly and of Juan Jesus, in a team that with Spalletti has ambitions and can introduce into a new world, with the sparkling horizon of the Champions League.


The second part remains more complicated and is being updated: the Brighton fixed one figure which is around eight million euros, the Naples would go as far as five. The expense appears to be contained, thanks to that agreement that would free the player completely in twelve months, to whom, however, there is no lack of attention from a competition that nudges. We will have to make our way, relying on the physique and aspirations of Østigardwho wants to sit down at the Cannavaro house.

Naples, Osimhen possible 'engine' of the market: who can go out and the objectives

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Naples, Osimhen possible ‘engine’ of the market: who can go out and the objectives

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