Naples, Kvaratskhelia has already conquered the fans

NAPLES – If anyone wants precise technical information on Khvicha Kvaratskhelia’s talents, all he has to do is contact Elmas. Yes, the future teammate and the first inhabitant of the blue planet to have had direct contact with the new signing: on Thursday they met in Skopje with their respective national teams in the Nations League and Kvara also scored one of the three goals (to zero) with which his Georgia defeated North Macedonia away. And what a goal: a spell of twenty-five meters or so – complete with feint, counter-finish and right-missile – that has been around the web. To the delight of Napoli fans: enthusiastic comments, applause, hopes and smiles that after days of anxiety and agitation related to the renewals and contractual problems of the various Mertens, Ospina, Koulibaly and teammates have revived a confused and even a little poisoned environment . Long live Kvaratskhelia, in short; a 21-year-old boy who in perspective should collect the legacy of Insigne on the left but that Spalletti will have to integrate into the new world with care and delicacy since the first days of Dimaro’s retirement, removing the inevitable pressures and the ghost of Lorenzino. Mr. Luciano is a master in this, indeed, and all in all Khvicha seems to possess a fundamental gift: his football is all shots, plays and cheeky games, and therefore it is joy. Lightness. And heavy goals.

Naples, here is Kvaratskhelia: numbers and goals of the Georgian talent!

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Naples, here is Kvaratskhelia: numbers and goals of the Georgian talent!

Kvaratskhelia known as Kvara

And then, Naples discovers Kvaratskhelia. Kvara said: the name is what it is, useless to go around it, and although the pronunciation is not so complex – Cuaraschelia – the nickname-diminutive is a real cure-all. Promoted. Promoted in every way, to be honest: in the last week, and to be precise from June 2 to Thursday, he scored three goals in as many Nations games played with Georgia. One with Gibraltar, a lob; one with Bulgaria that he will face again tomorrow before the holidays, from a penalty; and then the one with Elmas’ Macedonia, the first blue partner known since he signed with Napoli until 2027. The two introduced themselves, joked, faced each other seriously and then studied their respective shirts: number 7 Kvara , number 7 Elif. Even in Naples: the favorite of the new acquisition, in short, is already busy unless there are changes and agreements between them, we will see. Details.

Kvara charges with

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Kvara charges up with “Eye of the tiger”: training like Rocky!

Kvara, the numbers

The numbers that matter at the moment are other: they are the ones that Kvaratskhelia managed to do with the ball on the occasion of the second goal of his, really splendid, and in general during the various games. Quickness of legs and a burning first shot; the progression; the habit of feints and dribbles, of the tunnel; the powerful and precise shot with both the right and the left. The samples exhibited with Rubin, Dinamo Batumi and Georgia is this and made Napoli fall in love, so much so that he closed his engagement at the speed of light after the divorce with Insigne. Yes: Kvara also plays on the left, both in the trident and in the three-quarter trocar, and therefore it will be up to him to fill the void created by the departure of the now former captain. One who managed to combine an excellent defensive phase with the offensive phase: Spalletti will touch Khvicha’s tactical discipline, of course, but the stuff seems really valuable.

Kvaratskhelia show with Georgia: a goal with a 'view' on Napoli

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Kvaratskhelia show with Georgia: a goal with a ‘view’ on Napoli

Kvara mania in Naples

The blue people, meanwhile, are evolving: the initial and classic skepticism first turned into curiosity and then into compliments. Applause, satisfied and even enthusiastic comments: the first real test will be the Italian championship and then the Champions League will come, for heaven’s sake, but the scenes captured in Nations have filled the eyes and, we said, also the minds a little confused by too many days of various pushes and pulls on many fronts. Finally real football, yes: he is Kvaratskhelia known as Kvara. He guarantees Elmas.

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