Naples, Fabian refuses the renewal: the situation and the risks

NAPLESFabian refused the proposal to renew the Naples. The expected answer to the club’s question, formulated after an interview between De Laurentiis and the player and another between the president and his manager, Miguel Alfaro Garcia, has arrived: the offer to extend it for a year, from 2023 to 2024, with the insertion of a 30 million release clause has been declined. And that means that the fate of the Andalusian player now falls into the same category as Koulibaly (and of Ounas): if a different agreement or perhaps an offer deemed appropriate for the sale does not arrive, the season will begin with an expiry date. Kind of what happened to Insigne, Ospina, Mertens, Ghoulam and Malcuitand before that a Milik. In the meantime, he is on vacation and his social media voice is still a week ago, but his sister Yamila has published a photo with a dedication to the city as beautiful as it is nostalgic posing on the Lungomare: “There will always be a part of me here”. Wherever Fabian will go.

Watch out Naples, you can't miss Ospina, Koulibaly and Mertens

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Watch out Naples, you can’t miss Ospina, Koulibaly and Mertens

Naples market, the Fabian situation

And then, obviously, it is the period of the answers. Waits, for heaven’s sake, but not yet decisive. On the contrary: Ruiz, we said, refused the offer to renew his contract until 2024 complete with 30 million release clause. More or less the amount paid four years ago into the coffers of the Betis to buy it. And now? Well, the situation it is very clear. Easy in its complexity: if the parties manage to find a meeting point, then everything will be solved with champagne, hugs and ritual photos, otherwise there are two paths. That is: the transfer or a season as a free agent. Among other things, Fabian wants to measure himself in Spain and therefore to go home, and is esteemed by Real, Barça and Atleticothat is all the big ones, but the respective strategies and certain financial situations require reflections related to the investment, considering that in January they could buy it on a free transfer basis.

Fabian, the risks

A well-known score, in vogue these days: even Koulibaly, in fact, lives the same contractual condition as his colleague, and although the cases of Insigne, Mertens and Ospina confirmed how great and admirable the commitment and the results can be, it goes without saying that it is always better to start a season free from any doubt whatsoever. The summer of the marketHowever, it has only just begun, and the first refusal does not exclude further meetings and perhaps the possibility of changing the scenarios: this is football, it only takes a moment. And so, at least for the moment and until further notice, Spalletti he will meet Fabian on time on the day of the meeting at the headquarters, before the departure for the first scheduled retreat a Dimarobetween Dolomites trentine of the Val di Sole, from 9 to 19 July. Which shouldn’t happen with Ospina.

Naples, the goalkeepers situation

The prolonged silence of David the Colombian day after day acquires the contours of a separation: the company will not consider the renewal game closed until a net rejection of the proposal formulated before the end of the championship for both the goalkeeper and his agents, but the more time passes, the more complicated the situation becomes. It is obvious, inevitable. The ds Giuntoliinstead, keep arguing with Federico Pastorello of the renewal of Meret until 2027. Confidently, he will be able to reach the signatures. Alex25 years old and a season spent acting purely in Europa League right in the shadow of Ospina, he has a legitimate desire to feel like a protagonist and aspires to live the condition of continuity, but from the first skirmishes, from the first scenes of the negotiation with the club, he has never hidden his position: Napoli, for him, is a priority. Speaking of aspirations: «With all due respect it is natural that Diego would like to play more – he said Marco Busiellonew agent of Demmein Calcionapoli24 – In Naples he is very well, but now we have to think about what is best for the club and for the player. At this moment a profound reflection is needed “.

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