Naples, De Laurentiis buys.  But there is no feeling with the fans

NAPLES – Eighteen years: and while there is (again) the scent of the Champions League around, what remains in the air is a bitter aftertaste ofmisunderstandings which clashes with a dazzling football reality. In this umpteenth hot summer, in which nothing is ever the same, even the memory of May 2021 evaporates into nothing, letting those poisons, those retro thoughts and above all the authentic sense of a technical and economic failure enclosed in the fifth place dissolve, in the second consecutive season without the blinding and profitable nights between the greats of football and the burden of those two hundred million (from Rrahmani to Lobotka, from Petagna to Demme, from Politano to Osimhen) previously spent. A third placewith an attached dream of the championship that finally crumbled one month before the end of the championship, is scrambled by a climate exasperated and by the perceived division between the club, its rightful owner and a (large) part of a supporters become intolerant to a communication that fails to reach people’s hearts, perhaps they don’t even try.

The ifs and buts

That the pit is full of hindsight, is a detail which is part of a popular analysis (and that through social networks, the new ones channels entertainment a lot per kilo, sometimes turns into populist) which should be winked. Because in a year, which as you know flies, Koulibaly and Fabian Ruizeach in their own way pillars of Spalletti’s football, will be free and on a free basis, the philosophical paradox of a society that has always offered its project as an expressive model. But in time very recently, Insigne (the captain or the flag or a symbol) have already left, one after the other, and then previously Maksimovic and Hysaj; and Milik found himself in this situation, the one that also belong to Ospina and Mertens: the Covid has changed football, which was already wandering towards new orientations, has affected costshas imposed to intervene – even severely – on the financial statements and therefore has remained unchanged, in some ways, that language colloquial that separates ADL from the city and now it leaves them at a distance of insecurity.


The Naples did not stay expressionlessindeed, he has already left about forty million on the table (for Olivera, Kvaratskhelia and the ransom of Anguissa), has a team that, net of any interpretation, is (almost) complete, would need little else, certainly the magic of aatmosphere which was swept away by the inappropriate use of rhetoric or storytelling, with a Research which has become allergic to provocation regardless, with a (dis) interest in key themes, to be used sensitively as glues between two worlds that can never converge but that have now discovered that they find themselves – and also evidently – ideologically “Quarrelsome”, unreasonably split within the same affective system. Maybe theyear zero he needs words never said.

De Laurentiis: “Mertens and Koulibaly?  Either Naples or the money

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De Laurentiis: “Mertens and Koulibaly? Either Naples or the money “

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