Naples, contact De Laurentiis-Pozzo for Deulofeu

From tears to smiles it was a moment. Just the time to place a nice one in the foreground thumb up, as if to say everything okay, and then publish a photo that made Napoli and its people breathe a sigh of infinite relief. “The tests he was subjected to Mathias Olivera they ruled out serious injuries. The player has already begun the recovery process from the knee sprain ». Left, to be precise. “Vamos Mato!”. Forza Mato: that at this point, everyone takes note, is officially a diminutive that he likes. The press release released yesterday by the Uruguayan federation, when it was still late at night in Italy, pierced the darkness of the terror of the notorious curse of the left wing inaugurated with Zuniga and continued with Ghoulam: all is well. Or rather, quite well: in the sense that the Celeste medical staff classified the injury remedied Saturday with Panama as a sprain of the left knee involving the internal – collateral – ligament to be treated conservatively; and therefore without surgery. Crusaders safe, intact, and return to the field in Dimaro.

Fear for Olivera

So, Olivera he trembled. He cried and then raised his thumb after the diagnosis: in twenty-four hours the photo of his smile replaced the one captured on Saturday on the pitch, in the first half of the friendly with Panama: Mathias on the ground, with his right hand under his left knee and left hand on the face. In tears. A injury which froze his blood and that of the inhabitants of the blue planet, but then the instrumental tests also viewed by the medical staff of the Naples they ruled out problems for the Crusaders, and therefore the nightmare of the intervention, and the story was resolved with a happy ending. Let me be clear: the medial collateral distortion will be treated with caution and with a month of rest, but the player will be regularly in Dimaro with the rest of the team to prepare for the season. And to dispel the curse of the left wing.

Meeting De Laurentiis-Pozzo

Meanwhile, Osimhen he took the stage with Nigeria by making the first poker of his career: 4 goals and two assists in the 10-0 with São Tomé and Principe, in the qualifiers for the 2023 Africa Cup. Nigerian footballer and striker of the year. Instead, the deal gets to the heart-Deulofeu with Udinese: from Udine they tell of a contact between presidents, De Laurentiis-Pozzo, which means that the negotiation has entered the stage of the decisive details. Every day can be that of closing. And also that of Demme at Valencia: obviously Gattuso wants it.

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