Watch out Naples, you can't miss Ospina, Koulibaly and Mertens

NAPLES – Luckily there is Kvara. A flash, a smiling face in a forest of faces a bit like that and grimaces. Of doubts and uncertainties: obviously he doesn’t know what to do Ospinajust to give an example, considering that his silence following the contract proposal of Naples it went on until yesterday. And to be honest too Demme officially entered the list of “Profound reflections on the future for the good of all”, citing statements from his manager. The case – Mertens ended up on the cover for a week and its renewal, however, in a dead end from which the parties will be able to exit only with joints that are complex at the moment, while Koulibaly, Fabian and Ounas they explained that they did not want to renew. And finally, well, Politano explicitly asked for the assignment: if we add that also the position of Zielinski is not armored, because the label of untouchable has not been applied to him and the manager chats with the Bayern, then the gallery is complete. Blue players are written, but certain moods are read gray.

Watch out Naples, you can't miss Ospina, Koulibaly and Mertens

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Watch out Naples, you can’t miss Ospina, Koulibaly and Mertens

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And then, the summer of great stories. Market stories inaugurated even before closing the championship and indeed even dated December 2021-January 2022: respectively the months of the lightning-fast sale of Manolas at Olympiacos and the signature of Insigne with the Toronto Fc from released. The revolution began like this, with the top secret journey of Kostas the Greek then revealed by a casual customs control and with the long farewell of the now former captain. Which then passed grades a Koulibalythe new captain at the center of a story that risks becoming a soap opera: for now he refuses to renew the contract expiring in 2023 for another five years, he knows the Boat he wants it even though he cannot move yet due to a series of economic problems and if things do not change he could start next season at the junction. In January. The situation of Fabianreported yesterday to wedding of Davide Ancelotti in Andalusia and in turn fresh from rejection opposed to proposal of Napoli to extend it until 2024, that is for one year, with the insertion of a 30 million release clause. His near future? Interrogative.

The Ospina situation

Exclamation, however, is the silence of Ospinaexpiring like Mertens on June 30 (by the way: Roma enters the list of clubs interested in Dries): in both cases there is a difference between demand and offer of engagement, and indeed with David the Colombian there is also divergence of views on the duration: he asks for a three-year, the company offers a two-year. If we want, Ospina’s situation is also linked to that of Meret: Alex wants to stay in Naples and Napoli is convinced that he will eventually renew his contract expiring in 2023, but to sign he asks for a project that concerns him in a more engaging way. A little bit of the speech of Demmefresh from the change of agents: and through his manager he made it known that he legitimately aspired, but with respect and without controversy, to play with greater continuity and to open a (profound) reflection to meet everyone’s needs.

Naples, Osimhen possible 'engine' of the market: who can go out and the objectives

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Naples, Osimhen possible ‘engine’ of the market: who can go out and the objectives

Naples, outbound operations

Also Politano explained to the world of football that he wants to change the air: he no longer feels the Spalletti’s confidence and so his agent spoke very clearly about it, and again without raising any fuss, with the firm intention of finding a solution that suits everyone. An idea? Gattuso he esteems him and would gladly take it, but his Valencia he is obliged to make ends meet. As Matteo is Ounasamong other things due to expire in 2023: he does not want to renew, he has asked to change the air and Monza and Turin have expressed interest. End of the story. Indeed no: because little is said about him, in line with the character, but Zielinski is not considered non-transferable and Bayern gives us a little thought. The value, however, is high. Like his salary: 4 million or so.

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