Nadal, from the bottles lined up to the King's clock: he is also a champion of tics and rituals

What is the real thing size from Rafa Nadal? He managed to to convince the whole world that his ticthe countless rituals on the tennis courts, they are not delusions of a strange type, but a fundamental part of his being sample. «I follow many rituals to concentrate: I would like not to have them, but I don’t hide them. This is one sport very aggressive mentally, any situation outside the game can distract you. Here I am they help to feel that I am focused on my goal: victory ».


His rivals they leave them on the ground as it happens. Not him: they must always be aligned and placed in the same place. “If I don’t, I get distracted. So I stay focused and my head is ready to think exclusively about the game ».


On the Earth red then gives a few each time tap with the racket on his shoes, and above all, at the change of the side of the court he is very careful not to miss the white lines.

Nadal still king of Roland Garros: what a thrill with the cup!

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Nadal still king of Roland Garros: what a thrill with the cup!

Before you beat

And the “mania” to which it lends more Attention. In order (order that he repeats obsessively): with two fingers he takes a flap of the shorts to push aside the finished canvas between the buttocks (not even his uncle Toni was able to get rid of this tic); you fix the T-shirt on the right and left shoulder; rubs his nose; adjusts i hair behind the left ear; he goes back to rubbing his nose; he touches his hair behind his right ear. And then, finally, it beats.

The balls

He takes some three in his right hand, he examines them carefully, discards one, throwing it behind him, and slips another into his pocket.

The King’s watch

One day King Juan Carloschatting, suggested that he play wearing a clock on the right wrist. He had never said it … Since then Rafa has always followed the Advice of his king, and with excellent results.


«I do all these things only during matches: they give me the confidence and detachment from everything that can somehow distract me. When I train I don’t follow any rituals. I don’t know if it’s good or bad, but it works for me. In reality I am a very little person in life methodical or obsessive. The only aspect I’ve always been consistent in is the intensity I put into the work. But I have never turned into a robot, because for me in tennis you always have to put a lot of imagination ».
Here, now that you know each tic from Nadal, you can try to imitate him in his manias. At your own risk of being taken for weirdos and not champions, of course.

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