Mr. Mustache: the men's line inspired by barber shops

MY.ORGANICS products contain high concentrations of pure essential oils, extracted from plants and flowers according to the most traditional and ancient harvesting techniques. Pure essences with the sole purpose of cleansing, revitalizing and moisturizing the hair only through healthy botanical ingredients, with targeted effects.

The therapeutic properties, aromas and colors that characterize each essence are preserved without using additives of petrochemical origin and chemical preservatives. All products are free of Goddess, Sls and parabens.

MY.ORGANICS takes care of our body by taking care of our planet. The first ally of the brand is in fact nature: the final result are products that take care of well-being through the use of natural elements.

MY.ORGANICS also believes in a sustainable production chain, which starts from the farmer and reaches the consumer, for the development of responsible business forms.

The company is constantly committed to the research and development of safe products of the best quality available, with an ever-increasing attention to well-being and beauty.


The product lines are many and are designed to meet every need: from the Resurrection line that restructures and regenerates hair in depth, formulated with Goji Berries, to the My.Scalp trichological line with specific treatments for the skin, or even the new line dedicated to skin, hair and beard care Mr. Mustache and My.Tan sunscreens with filters free of environmentally harmful components, ecologically improved and guaranteed ocean-friendly and reef-friendly by the patented EcoSun Pass technology.

Each product is studied in detail, carefully tested, and formulated with the most innovative cosmetic technologies on the market. The line includes essential products, essential for beard, skin and hair care. Each product was created following careful research and an extreme selection of ingredients to treat the scalp, cleansing and detoxifying the skin in depth, to moisturize the hair making it soft and silky, or to create a styling suitable for every need and look. .

Mr. Redemption Skin Moisturizer

Moisturizing and repairing serum for face and body, after shaving. Its formula contains precious essential oils that guarantee a repairing and regenerating function of the skin tissue. After shaving, it helps to decongest the skin of the face and improve its appearance.

Mr. Design Volumizing Spray

Pre-drying fixative spray with organic natural plant extracts. Gives volume and structure to styling without weighing or greasing hair and scalp. Extremely performing, it has an effective seal.

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