Mourinho, 14 years ago the cult phrase: "I'm not an idiot"

On June 3, 2008, exactly 14 years ago, Italy met Josè Mourinhonew coach ofInter. One sentence was enough to make the Nerazzurri fans fall in love with the current Roma coach: “I’m not idiot”. He had already learned a typical Milanese term. It was the first of several cult phrases by the Special One, which went down in history.

Rome, Mourinho drives the bus but someone forgets ...

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Rome, Mourinho drives the bus but someone forgets …

Mourinho: “I learned Italian early because I’m intelligent”

In the same press conference, the Portuguese left all the journalists and Nerazzurri fans stunned with other goodies: “Why do I know Italian so well? I learned it early because I’m intelligent ”. How can we forget the “Intellectual prostitution” they “Zero tituli”? “I don’t like intellectual prostitution, I like intellectual honesty. It seems to me that in the last few days there is a great deal of intellectual manipulation, a great organized work to change public opinion for a world that is not mine. the last two days there has been no mention of Roma which has great players, but that they will finish the season with zero titles. There has been no mention of Milan which has 11 points less than us and will close the season with zero titles. who has won many points with referee errors “.

Mourinho superstar and the “noise of enemies”

Eve of the championship and Mou launched with another sentence passed in the annals: “I expressed a free man’s opinion in a free country, and I immediately felt the noise of enemies. I like this: I have spoken and now they are all here … “. As a coach of Real Madrid there are all the “porqué” after the game lost with Barcelona in the Champions League semifinals: “If I tell you and Uefa what I think and what I feel, my career ends today. And since I can’t say what I feel, I only have one question. And I hope someday to have an answer. The question is: porqué? Porqué? Porquè Ovrebo? Porquè Busacca? Porquè De Bleeckere? Porquè Frisk? Porquè Stark? Porqué? Why does it always happen the same at every semifinal? Porqué Ovrebo for three years? Porqué could Chelsea not go to the final? I don’t know if it’s Unicef ​​advertising, I don’t know if it’s the power of Mr. Villar within UEFA. “

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