MotoGp, Repsol (Honda): "Technology affects the show"

ROME – “Do technological advances affect the show in MotoGP?”. This is the title of the long article published by Box Repsol, Honda sponsor, on its website. In particular, we ask ourselves about the attractiveness of this sport, retracing what has happened since 2002, when MotoGP characterized by an open regulation was introduced. However, “that diversity and that openness have given way to some enormous inequalities,” it says. Repsol explains how, first of all, “not everyone had access to the same type of tires, not even the riders who worked with the same supplier”.

The next step, however, “was taken in 2015 with the introduction of the unified ECU. Electronics also made a huge difference, because it was very expensive to develop and not all manufacturers were able to afford such an expense ”. The article therefore states that all this “has led us to very equal and balanced race conditions, with races that are no longer won with large margins of seconds, but are decided by a few thousandths of a second”.

Repsol’s perplexities

Repsol therefore points the finger at the implementation of new technologies, guilty of making overtaking more and more difficult. “A few weeks ago the Grand Prix Commission decided to ban from 2023 the use of devices that change the height of the bike in motion, the popularly known“ holeshots ”. On the other hand, no consideration was given to the rear axle, of which it is also customary to use a manual device to reduce the height of the bike – the article continues – This technology has made the qualifying session of vital importance, while starting from behind forces you to be combative to make up ground, and in many races we have seen spectacular comebacks that have given flavor to the competition ”.

The influence on the physical appearance of the pilots is also fundamental: “Muscle injuries in the forearms are becoming more and more frequent. A large part of the responsibility for this discomfort lies in the aerodynamics ”. Finally, another element that could play an important role in the alleged lack of combativeness in the Grand Prix “is the extension of the championship, which has become a test of consistency, and it is almost more important not to make mistakes or accumulate zeroes or bad scores than the poor advantage that gives a win on second or third place.

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