Milk pesticide alarm, the best brands

Milk pesticide alarm, the best brands

Pesticide alarm in milk, a new food alert that causes fear. From fresh to long-life milk, tension is growing among buyers.

Reports relating to food recalls are growing exponentially. In fact, over the last few weeks (if not months) we have dealt with this topic over and over again, reporting various information attesting to these “reminders”. From Ferrero to hazelnut cream, passing from flour to ice cream, without forgetting also water; in short, the withdrawal from the shelves has really involved a myriad of products that could seriously endanger our health.

And, now, in this long list it seems that even milk is included and not only long-life, but also fresh milk. Let’s find out together which are the brands that are not “involved” in the presence of pesticides in order to be more relaxed.

Pesticide alarm in milk, recommended brands

Fears are growing proportionally to the recalls linked to food warnings which, over the last few months, have been registered exponentially.

Many fears and many products withdrawn from supermarket shelves throughout Italy. This time it is milk that is involved, one of the most consumed and which, according to a recent study, is contaminated by chemicals and pesticides. News that raised the alarm not only for buyers or consumers, but also for producers who would be hit by a timeless crisis.

But, in truth, the reason lies behind the feed that some farmers offer their livestock, which would be contaminated with pesticides and antibiotics. This, therefore, would lead to problems on the final product that would be purchased by the consumer unaware of its real content. This represents a way to save on quality while weighing on health.

Obviously, this is not an accusation to discredit certain companies, but only news that wants to bring useful information to the buyer.

So what are the “safe” brands? Still according to this research, it seems that the products identified without pesticides are 21 and among these we include:

– Granarolo UHT whole milk;

– Selex high quality fresh;

– Parmalat Zymil high digestibility lean;

– Sterilgarda UHT semi-skimmed milk;

– Parmalat Goodness and UHT partially skimmed line.

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