Milan transfer market: for Botman it is a question of budget

MILAN Botman wants the Milan. He made the choice of him and also for some time, finding an agreement with the Rossoneri managers. And it is precisely in this sense that his statements should be read. The last just of the other day, when he, in addition to an eloquent smile, at the moment in which the name of the Devil was mentioned, he explained: “I am working. There are discussions going on. Hope everything is clearer before preparation“. Yep, that’s the point. Now the Dutchman is in a hurry. He wants the deal to close so that he can go on vacation without worries, and then start the new season in the best conditions.

Budget to be defined

Milan, however, are not yet sinking the blow. There is no agreement with Lilla, with which, however, there would also be a closure for Renato Sanches. The double deal has been in place for some time, even since last January, but the milestone has not yet been crossed. It goes without saying that the Devil’s corporate evolutions have slowed down a series of movements. The change of ownership, in fact, led to some open questions: the renewals of Maldini and Massara, released but not formalized, and also the definition of the available budget. The inevitable consequence is to take time. After all, having a series of objectives to achieve, it is necessary to distribute resources. Especially since for Botman the outlay will have to be substantial: we are in the order of 30 million, difficult to discount given that Newcastle is ready to put that figure on the plate. Tottenham and Manchester United are also on the tracks of the player, looking for a left-handed central. Milan have the advantage of the Dutchman’s preference, who, however, pushes for the game to be closed as soon as possible.

Interlocking game

In addition to an addition in defense – to compensate for Romagnoli’s farewell and better manage Kjaer’s recovery -, the Rossoneri’s priorities are a midfielder and at least one element for the trocar. If Renato Sanches has already been chosen for the first spot (the contract expiring in 2023 lowers its price), there is still great uncertainty for the second. And this is precisely the great variable, because an element that can be the owner up front in the AC Milan championship requires a particularly substantial investment. De Ketelaere from Bruges, for example, a ball from Maldini, costs no less than 40 million euros. Berardi’s assessment is not far off. It is true that there would also be Lang, also from Bruges, who can be bought 20-22 million, but it seems more like a completion profile. Even with RedBird, the Rossoneri market will be a game of joints, with disposals that can be useful to increase the “volume of fire”: it is therefore logical that exposing oneself immediately with 30 million euros for Botman could affect subsequent moves. In short, delaying is inevitable. But for how long?

Milan goal: Sven Botman

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Milan goal: Sven Botman

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