Milan, Tomori: "The fans were stealing the medal from me too"

Although several days have now passed since that May 22nd, at Milan there is still a great celebration for the victory of the 2021-22 Scudetto, the nineteenth on the Rossoneri showcase. Tomori, the great protagonist of the triumph of Pioli’s team, rewound the tape and returned to that afternoon at the Mapei Stadium against Sassuolo (3-0), a match that officially decreed the return of the tricolor to the Rossoneri Milan 11 years later from the last time (2010-11), he still feels the chills: “The Scudetto party was wonderful – reveals in the interview with The Athletic –. I didn’t expect that invasion of the pitch and that wave of fans that overwhelmed us. They took the medal from the coach. But I too had managed to tear it away, but I noticed it. My father was near me and I gave it to him and protected her ”.

Milan, the pagellone of Champions: all the votes of the season

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Milan, the pagellone of Champions: all the votes of the season

Tomori: “Crazy Milan fans. The bet with Bakayoko …”

The former Chelsea defender was struck by the great affection of the Milan fans, always close to the team: “When I arrived there was Covid, so it was hard to imagine, but I’ve always seen it on TV. I had heard from those who played in Italy that the passion of the Rossoneri is crazy. This season I was able to live it fully. It is indescribable and, as they say, you have to see it, be inside it because there is so much passion, so much joy. I’ll never forget it”. About the bet with Bakayoko: “I told him I’d dye my hair blonde like him if we won, so I’ll have to do that too.”

On Leao and Ibrahimovic

Among the great protagonists of the Rossoneri Scudetto there is certainly Rafael Leao, author of 11 goals, many of which decisive, and 10 assists: “To tell the truth, in training you wouldn’t say he’s as electric as he is when it comes to a match. He likes to joke, does a lot of dribbling, beats you once and wants to come back to you. But when it comes to playing, He’s just great. He’s fundamental for the team. Ever since I arrived I said to him: ‘You don’t know how good you are.’ Because you can see he has everything. He has it all. He was definitely our extra man and deserved the title of player of the season for Serie A. “. Words to honey also for Zlatan Ibrahimovic: “Even when we entered half-time on the final matchday against Sassuolo, Zlatan kept saying it wasn’t over. We were leading 3-0. But he said: ‘There are still 45 minutes. We haven’t done anything yet.’ . It has been like that for the last six or seven games. Every time we won, he kept everyone’s concentration, kept talking in the locker room, tried to be positive. Obviously he has already been in these situations and won with Milan, so they helped us “.

Tomori on the defensive phase and on Maldini

With just 31 goals conceded, the same as Napoli, Milan were the best defense in the league. Thanks to a great season in Maignan but also to an entire department: “The more we kept the clean sheets, the more we wanted to repeat ourselves – admits Tomori –. Of course you want to do it anyway, but we have gotten hungrier for wanting to do it, as a team and as individuals, like four behind, like three, me, Pierre and Mike. We have developed this type of chemistry “. On Maldini he reveals: “In March 2021, when I was still on loan, we talked about how I was doing, what he thought I could improve, how he thought things were going for me. At that point I was still on loan, so he still showed interest. for me, telling me what I could improve was important. Well, then told by him it’s a whole other story “.

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