Milan, renewal node: Leao, Bennacer and Tomori to be armored

MILAN – 7 Rossoneri players are involved in the renewal of their contract. The singular aspect is that who should discuss and deal with their extensions is, in turn, expiring. Obviously we are talking about Maldini and Massara, who have less than two weeks left to see their bond with the Devil formally exhausted. After the post-Scudetto turmoil, the case had returned, also because Cardinale, RedBird’s number one and next majority shareholder of the club, has repeatedly reiterated his desire to continue with Maldini and, therefore, with the rest of his team . The signature, however, continues to be late. Ample reassurances arrive from via Aldo Rossi: there are no problems, it is only a matter of time and to fix the last details. Some rumors, however, report that it is above all on some economic aspects that the square must be found. Not such, however, as to question the white smoke.


Obviously, however, the sooner it happens the better. Not that the operations of Maldini and Massara are blocked, but it is clear that in these conditions they can go up to a certain point. Evidently also with regard to contract renewals. Not that there are particular urgencies, but a couple of delicate situations exist, as already emerged. They are those of Leãoabove all, and of Bennacer. They both have their contracts expiring and Milan would like to lock them both. But there is no agreement on the new engagement. The last season, however, inevitably raised the demands of the Portuguese, reaching almost 7 million per season, while the Devil, last spring, had reached 4.5. The distances are there but the player’s will is still to stay, as he made it clear in a social exchange with Calabria. Furthermore, in his current contract there is a 150 million clause that puts AC Milan sufficiently safe. Of course it will take an important effort to reach an agreement, which at this point will expire in 2027. It should be remembered that Leão will have to invest part of his salary to compensate Sporting Lisbon after losing the case with the Portuguese team. The speech for Bennacer is slightly different, in the sense that a couple of months ago an agreement was in fact reached for an extension until 2026 for an engagement of 3.5 million euros plus bonus. Then the rumors about the change of ownership began and the Algerian entourage blocked everything in the hope of being able to obtain better conditions. Not to mention that winning the Scudetto is one more element that pushes you to ask for substantial awards. Now the discussions must resume after this stalemate, but the feeling that the new terms of understanding will end up touching 4 million.


The other Rossoneri with an extension in sight are Tonali, Kalulu, Krunic, Tomori and obviously Ibrahimovic. The first two are among those with the lowest salary and, after the last season, they deserve an award. In particular, the midfielder, a year ago had agreed to cut his salary in order to remain Milan, while the defender changed his status becoming a quasi-starter. Krunic’s flexibility and availability will also be recognized with an adjustment. Tomori, on the other hand, like Leão and Bennacer, must be armored. Finally, we will soon discuss with Ibra how to continue the relationship after the injury.

Milan, here is Ibrahimovic's new contract

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Milan, here is Ibrahimovic’s new contract

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