Milan, Pioli: 'Derby e Lazio momenti chiave dello scudetto, Kalulu rivelazione del campionato'

Italian champion technician Stefano Pegs spoke to The Athletic. The coach of the Milan relived the magical year that led to the triumph in the Scudetto:

On the fate of the Cup after the party at Casa Milan: “Honestly, that night was so intense that I have no idea. The players went out to celebrate when we returned from Reggio Emilia, so I don’t know if they had it with them or if they left it at Casa Milan. “

Party with the fans: “It would be an understatement to stop at one image. The whole day was one wonderful feeling after another. Sharing it with our fans was the best thing that could happen to us. Seeing them so happy was the most rewarding thing of all. “.

On the arrival at Milan: “The line the club wanted to follow was clear. I was informed. The club has stood still. The work we were doing has received a lot of support. When you work with a lot of young players, you need time. You need trust. . The club gave it to us ”.

On management: “What I would like to say is that the management didn’t just give me young players. They gave me good young players with many qualities. Furthermore, I have worked with high level players, like Olivier Giroud, like Zlatan, like Kjaer, like Alessandro Florenzi and Mike Maignan who already had a lot of experience, experience in the national team, experience fighting for the title. They have been a point of reference for me and for the young players. ”

About Tonali: “If we think of Sandro last year it was his first experience in a big club. There was more pressure to manage. There will be times when you will not be in top form. Last year he suffered a lot. Then, a year later, we saw the real Tonali “.

Sliding-door of the season: “The key moment was when we met for the first time at Milanello. It was July 6 last year. We talked about our goals. We had to aim high. We would not have settled for another second place because we were already there. It was an important moment because I saw in my players the awareness of how good they were: positivity, confidence. These kinds of feelings are very important for a manager at the start of a new season. “

On Kjaer’s injury: “We have lost a really important player, not only from a technical point of view but also on a human level. Simon has a really deep character. He is a true leader.”

On defense reinforcements in January: “We talked about it with the management. We have seen it like this: either we go to get a player of their level (Kajer and Tomori were injured ed) – there were none – or we develop and trust the guys we have available. Once again we were right because Kalulu proved to be a fantastic player and was the revelation of the season in Serie A. “

About the goal: “I repeat, we have always believed in it. In my opinion there are two games on which the title depended. The comeback in the Derby. That’s for sure, otherwise the gap from Inter would have made it difficult to recover the first place. last-minute victory in Rome against Lazio, which came after Inter’s defeat in the semi-final of the Cup in the midweek round. These moments gave us even more confidence, the feeling of being able to do it. Winning the last six games, when we had clearly the most difficult path among the contenders for the title, it has shown the ability and mental strength of my players. “

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