Juve surprise: Asensio also appears on Allegri's list

MILAN – For a Milan aiming to win in Europe too in a few years, there is a need for players who have not only played the Champions League, but also won. The Rossoneri, after having triumphed in Italy, want to raise the bar and are sifting through the European panorama to identify the right pawns to be included in Stefano’s squad Pegs. The Rossoneri have been following Marco’s footsteps for some time AsensioSpanish attacking midfielder of the real Madrid fresh champion of Europe and La Liga. Asensio’s contract expires on June 30, 2023 and the player has three options. The first is to renew with Real Madrid, but at the moment there are no big steps forward in the contract discussions. The second is to wait another year in the Spanish capital and go away to zero, as often happens lately to great players looking for pharaonic signings, or the third way: to negotiate the transfer already this year and continue your career with another shirt. . And Milan could enter here. The player is greatly appreciated by Paolo Maldini, the technical qualities of the Majorcan are indisputable, and already last year there was a failed attempt by Milan. In one of the recent phone calls between Paolo Maldini and Carlo Ancelotti there was also talk of Asensio, and the Real coach was not opposed to a possible departure. Maldini has also had contacts with the Real attacking midfielder’s agent several times, in fact Jorge Mendes recently had talks with the Rossoneri for Rafael Leao and Renato Sanches, and there was an update between the parties.

The two obstacles

However, the operation remains very difficult for two reasons. The first is of an economic nature, because Asensio would ask for a € 7 million salary and the Rossoneri would not want to reach that figure. But above all there are Premier League teams willing to please the player with higher salaries. Arsenal seem to be strongly intent on taking Asensio, and in fact Milan should beat a lot of competition to get their hands on the Spaniard. Two not insignificant obstacles, even if the player continues to interest him because in Serie A he would make the difference and even in a not entirely brilliant year he managed to score 10 goals in the Spanish league.

The other player

Always with Real Madrid, Milan also talked about Brahim Diaz, and we are moving towards confirmation with the Rossoneri for the second year in a row. Last summer, the two clubs, which have excellent relations, agreed on a two-year loan, and the second season on loan should continue as agreed. Stefano Pioli would like him to be confirmed and Diaz is fine in Milan. He knows that it will not be easy to tear a starting shirt, especially if Maldini and Massara have to take on another level attacking midfielder during the summer. But the parties are convinced that a second year of loan could be useful for everyone. Besides Asensio, Milan in the right lane evaluate other names. There would always be the Zaniolo and Berardi options, also useful for the issue of the lists of players trained in the Italian youth sectors, but the requests from Rome and Sassuolo do not encourage Milan to launch decisively on these two players.

Transfer market, the goals of the seven big Serie A teams

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Transfer market, the goals of the seven big Serie A teams

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