Milan, mercato bloccato e il rinnovo di Maldini: altro che Mulino Bianco...

Another day is passing, without a fact true it’s about Milan. This time, then, not even a tissue, one of those announcements that make a lot of propaganda and little information. We are not just talking about players, there is time for them. The market officially opens on July 1st and will close in 75 days, you want to shop … (to have the money).

It is true that reading about Lukaku and Dybala, Mkhitaryan and Asslani and maybe even Bellanova, Milan fans begin to feel a bit of restlessness, but immediately after the official announcements, the time for transfers will also come, those that will rebalance the Nerazzurri’s balance sheet and the mood of the opponents and of which many seem to have forgotten, other than the way to make the trident of wonders play together …

There will be time. Here and now we talk about what is not happening to Milan, a team that less than a month ago won the Scudetto and that since then has done practically nothing when instead it should have done practically everything, since it has changed owners, or at least so. it seems.

We know that around the transition from Elliott to RedBird a nebula has arisen that has few equals in such cases. All thanks to Elliott, who officially never speaks, but who masterfully manages to make his thoughts run in the right streams, be it the web or the daily press. This is how the complaint to the Luxembourg court of a minority member of the BoD, due to opacity in the sale, is quickly classified as insignificant, by an audience of new experts in company law.

The most widespread public thesis is that of a sale for 1.2 billion, a loan of around 250 million at an interest rate below market values, of total harmony between the new owner Gerry Cardinale and the Singers who sell, of course, but above all with Maldini & C., who will continue to manage the technical part of the Milan project.

The less accredited thesis, but no less credible for this reason, is that RedBird takes half of the money on loan from Elliott, at a much higher interest rate (there was also talk of 15%) and therefore more difficult for Cardinal to honor. Thesis substantially ignored by the Italian media, which largely drink at the Elliott spring. Just today, however, something similar was relaunched by the most authoritative of sports newspapers, the Equipe, the same one who, already in mid-April, investigating the Lille-Elliott-Milan triangle, had in fact anticipated the imminent sale of the Rossoneri club.

According to the Equipe, and without going into the technicalities that you can read in the article that takes up his thesis, Elliott lends Cardinale up to 550 million (at 7/8%, a “friendly” rate), in addition to remaining owner of the club perhaps up to 49%. Five out of 9 members of the Board of Directors would be linked to Elliott, including President Scaroni, confirmed in the role. More than a sale, a real partnership.

Cardinale in an interview with the Financial Times (10 June) said he had met Maldini for over 3 and a half hours, managing – he said – to win his enthusiasm. Maldini has not denied, but also not confirmed. Maldini spoke only once, in the famous interview with Gazzetta (May 27), in which he complained about the silence of Elliott and Gazidis in particular. Then nothing more, not even after the handshake at Casa Milan (June 2). It is not very clear when and where the 3 and a half hour meeting took place: Cardinale did not tell the Financial Times, Maldini does not appear to have been in London or New York, on the day of his debut at Casa Milan the times for this marathon were not there. Details

It remains that in a few days (June 30), the Maldini & C. contract will expire and if the situation were at Mulino Bianco as it is told, it would have already been renewed and above all announced. Here, however, we only have announcements (by Elliott & Partners) but nothing concrete at the moment. Mutual friends tell us of a dissatisfied Maldini, perhaps even worried. Could it be true? Failure to sign would seem to confirm this.

Someone will venture that they are not finding an agreement on the fees. Instead, it is easier for the impasse to concern Paolo’s room for maneuver, his operational power, and budgets that are anything but defined. Renato Sanches and Botman have been operating for 6 months (not surprisingly in the triangle with Lille) but not yet closed. Will there be a why? Or is everything okay like this?

Origi will certainly arrive, and with almost as much certainty he will be the center forward of next year (0 games as a starter and 3 goals in the last Premier League; 12 times in the Premier League in 4 seasons with Liverpool, for a total of 10 goals: numbers that at first glance do not tell a champion). There are to be renewed most of the contracts of the new Italian champions, those who have a market at least. Yet still nothing.

In the aftermath of the sale (1 June), we wrote how Maldini’s confirmation was the best guarantee that the Redbird project would guarantee Milan to continue the path of competitive growth that led to the Scudetto. Today, while continuing to think so, we have also understood that Maldini, as well as Milan, has fallen in love with the new role he has carved out and therefore in order to abandon it he should be physically excluded from it from the (old) property, with which they have not lacked in recent years. moments of tension. So, Elliott: do we want to try to give some true answers as well?


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