Milan: Maldini che non firma e il mercato bloccato. Le 7 domande di a Elliott
  1. Why have Paolo Maldini and the rest of the management not yet signed the renewal of the contract expiring in 12 days?

  2. Was a formal proposal made to him or is everything stopped at the 3-hour meeting between Maldini and Gerry Cardinale?

  3. Who should propose the renewal to Maldini & C: the current CEO Gazidis, who represents Elliott, or Gerry Cardinale, owner of RedBird?

  4. How many Elliott’s men will be in the next AC Milan board: 5 as the team wrote or 2 how did you find out about Calcio e Finanza from “sources informed on the matter”?

  5. Is it true that Giorgio Furlani, Elliott’s current portfolio manager, is the main candidate to replace Ivan Gazidis as Milan CEO?

  6. Is it true that Paolo Scaroni, current AC Milan president, will also be reconfirmed in the role by the new owner?

  7. Is there a budget to strengthen the team and aim to win the championship and make a good impression in the Champions League?

Another day passed without Paolo Maldini signing the contract renewal. As yesterday, we continue to believe that in the end Paul will remain in his place. We are not currently in possession of elements that could lead people to believe the opposite, if not the long wait for an announcement that does not imply anything good.

Maldini does not speak, but sometimes the silences make even more noise than words. Therefore we ask Elliott, who is now in charge of the management of the club, who has relaunched the team and with a careful and winning policy has restored the enthusiasm to millions of Rossoneri fans in Italy and around the world, to answer our 7 questions. Seven like the Champions League won by the most glorious Italian club, for a long time the most successful club in the world. He can do it directly to us, in an interview or a press release, or in public, as he thinks it is best. Avoiding if possible the showgirls that make so much regime and propaganda and very little clarity and truth.

These are the questions that everyone asks themselves, we suppose. As long as you don’t keep your eyes closed. Is it normal that Maldini (and Massara) have not signed yet? No it is not. And so why? But has someone put a contract proposal on the table for you to sign? It is not known. It is supposed that it is the never happy relations between Paolo and Gazidis that slow everything down, the division of roles and responsibilities. But what does Gazidis have to do with it (due in November) if the new owner is not Elliott?

These are very simple questions: all of them will have a public answer in the coming weeks and months. Over time they will have irrefutable feedback. We deliberately avoided asking Elliott how much money he lends to Cardinale so that he can buy him Milan and how much he will make him pay, this money. Because they are sensitive issues and on which the parties are not obliged to tell us the truth. It’s their business, one might say. Make Cardinal what you want; whether he does it for business or passion, it’s his business.

We avoided asking about the stadium, which is certainly an important variable in the sale of Milan, or semi-sale as it is, because the project does not depend only on Elliott, who today cannot have certainties on the subject … certain. We hope they appreciate and in return tell us at least because 12 days before the deadline, no one knows anything about the contract renewal of Maldini & C.


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