Milan, Maldini e il mercato. Le 7 domande di CM: se non risponde Elliott, sarà il tempo a dire la verità

We have never said, much less written, that Paolo Maldini will not renew his contract with Milan. We just wondered, and we continue to do so, why he has not done so now 11 days after the expiry of the existing agreement. Failing to give us an answer, we asked, and we continue to do so, to whom this contract should have proposed to Maldini (and Massara) not today, not yesterday, but 6 months ago, if we also want to “guarantee” them from a change of ownership that could not have foreseen them in the new organization chart.

We are not so naive as to think that Elliott would have picked up the phone to answer the 7 questions, as many as the Champions won by the most glorious Italian club, which we published yesterday. Moreover, there is a much more authoritative and important precedent on the subject than questions that have remained rhetorical because they are always unanswered. We try again, because it is right not to give up on the first attempt and also because there are at least 2 facts to record and tell.

Until at least Saturday morning, Maldini hadn’t signed because they hadn’t offered him anything to sign. On June 26, next Sunday, Paolo turns his birthday: some jokers say that Gazidis (or Cardinal?) Is waiting for that date to make him the proposal, confusing that Maldini’s stay would be a gift for Elliott and RedBird’s Milan, not vice versa . This morning the Gazzetta announces that the signing is near, but the only detail it gives to confirm the “news” is that the contract expires on June 30th. Precisely. That is, within 10 days Paolo signs or nothing is done.

The other fact to record is the inclusion of PSG in the Milan-RSanches-Lille triangle, an inclusion already extensively dealt with on the transfer market by our excellent reporters. Here the invitation is only not to confuse the Portuguese midfielder’s possible transfer to Paris for untrue news (by Daniele Longo) or an unfinished negotiation (by M&M). Renato Sanches has been in agreement with Milan since January and so have Lille. But since nothing has been formalized because every move of the technical management needs the endorsement of the owners, and this endorsement did not exist, if PSG or anyone else arrives and pays, the words remain as they are and the handshakes too.

It is true that the market officially opens on 1 July and therefore today no one is formally late because there is plenty of time to reinforce the team. The doubt, only ours (?) And whether there will also be enough money to do it. But even here, if no answers come from Elliott (or Cardinal?), Just wait for the time to speak. In the meantime, below we report our questions again

  1. Why have Paolo Maldini and the rest of the management not yet signed the renewal of the contract expiring in 11 days?
  2. Has a formal proposal been made to him or is everything stopped at the 3-hour meeting between Maldini and Gerry Cardinale?
  3. Who should propose the renewal to Maldini & C: the current CEO Gazidis, who represents Elliott, or Gerry Cardinale, owner of RedBird?
  4. How many Elliott’s men will be in the next AC Milan board: 5 as the team wrote or 2 how did you find out about Calcio e Finanza from “sources informed on the matter”?
  5. Is it true that Giorgio Furlani, Elliott’s current portfolio manager, is the main candidate to replace Ivan Gazidis as Milan CEO?
  6. Is it true that Paolo Scaroni, current AC Milan president, will also be reconfirmed in the role by the new owner?
  7. Is there a budget to strengthen the team and aim to win the championship and make a good impression in the Champions League?

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