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Olimpia Milano was set for 94 to 82 in game-3 at the Mediolanum Forum in Assago against Virtus Segafredo Bologna with an excellent performance by the collective.

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Jerian Grant: 7.5. The man you don’t expect. The American former NBA was the biggest disappointment of the Milanese season but tonight it was he who made the difference with 14 points in 28 minutes.

Kyle Hines: 6. A good performance, but we have seen him do better. However a caliph when he is on the wood.

Luigi Datome: 7. Finally the real Gigi Datome! The former Fenerbahce was decisive in the breakout of the third quarter and set the Forum on fire with his baskets.

Nicolò Melli: 8. As for Datome, finally the real Nico Melli! The injury suffered during the series against Efes has conditioned him so far in the Italian playoffs but this evening he was undoubtedly the best of him, both in attack and in defense. The best part is that he literally took Toko Shengelia out of the challenge.

Sergio Rodriguez: 6.5. A birthday to remember for the victory, a little less for his match. In general, however, he did more than well, but we know that the Spaniard can do much much more.

Giampaolo Ricci: SV

Paul Biligha: SV

Devon Hall: 5. He almost never leaves the field (33 minutes) but closes with 0/6 shooting. It takes more from him to win Game-4.

Tommaso Baldasso: 6. Enter the third quarter and place a bomb that marks the final draw of the Milanese. He can and must improve on defense, Hackett fouls him pretty quickly.

Shavon Shields: 7.5. In the first half he is dominant. In the second, a bit of intensity drops but the former Baskonia match remains a level match.

Devin Alviti: SV

Benjamin Bentil: 7. Another pleasant surprise, like Jerian Grant. Probably the best first half since he has been in Milan in a game of a certain depth.

Herdsman Ettore Messina: 7. In race-2 Virtus also won thanks to the bench. In race-3 Olimpia also won thanks to the bench. The red and white coach was able to keep Virtus at just over 80 points and was perfect in riding the right players at the right moments.

Virtus Segafredo Bologna

Alessandro Pajola: 5. He does not make a basket but also struggles in defense. He was unable to make a difference like in race-2.

Tornike Shengelia: 6. Due to the merits of the Milan defense, the Georgian was unable to repeat the game on Friday night.

Daniel Hackett: 7.5. He holds the offensive cart for the whole contest but he can’t do everything himself. However, a great return to the Forum for the boy from Forlimpopoli.

JaKarr Sampson: 4.5. Almost deleterious. Indeed, remove the almost. VuNere need a different Sampson to win game-4.

Kyle Weems: 6. Little involved. Last year it was the heart and soul of Virtus, this year it is one of many, given the numerous champions that have joined. Bologna must make him feel more part of the maneuver if he wants to repeat the Scudetto.

Amedeo Tessitori: NEITHER

Niccolò Mannion: NEITHER

Marco Belinelli: 6.5. Practically a ghost for three quarters but in the last period it is he who plays the virtussina half-shock, which however has not borne any fruit.

Amar Alibegovic: SV

Mouhammadou Jaiteh: 5. The long Milanese suffered tremendously, especially Melli and the surprise Bentil. Virtus has to do better under the boards to equalize the series.

Milos Theodosic: 7. Last to quit, always. He is very keen on Virtus and on winning the Scudetto again. And he can be seen every time he takes the field with the black and white shirt.

Isaïa Cordinier: SV

Herdsman Sergio Scariolo: 5. Bologna is in the strongest singles of Milan but must circulate the ball much better and raise the defensive level a little, even if with Teodosic on the field it is not easy. Race-4 will be decisive for him too, as well as for Virtus as a whole.

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