Michael Robinson diventa Club Manager di Aquila Basket: Simone Pierich nuovo Team Manager

Dolomiti Energia Trentino also grows and strengthens in what is its team “behind the team”, enhancing the figures who in recent years have carved out an important role within the club structure and involving new professionals with experience and ” lived”. Michael Robinson after 13 years in Aquila Basket he will in fact be the new one Club Manager, a figure who will be called to have an important role of responsibility in the organization and supervision of all areas of the club. To take the role of Team Manager the first team will in fact be Simone Pierichborn in ’81 and historic former player who has been an opponent of the Bianconeri on the playing field.

Born in Gorizia but adopted by Forlì, Pierich began a long career as a professional player in 1997 which also saw him protagonist in Serie A with Livorno and Casale Monferrato, also playing five games in the senior national team. Retired in 2021, last year he had his first experience as a team manager at Raggisolaris Faenza. Simone, as a player, lived in Trento as an “aggregate” the entire preseason of the 2017-18 season.

ANDREA NARDELLI (General Manager DOLOMITI ENERGIA BASKETBALL TRENTINO): “Michael is a person in whom society places the utmost trust, a figure who today, within a path of personal and club growth, takes charge of everything concerning the organizational sphere of Aquila Basket: Mike will be a transversal element who also thanks to the experience and institutional roles occupied in recent years, he will be able to contribute to the organizational supervision of all areas of the club at 360 degrees. We welcome Simone Pierich into the large family of Aquila, an important addition in the role of team manager whose commitment will be focused on the first team: I am sure he will bring to the team experience, knowledge of high-level group dynamics and human qualities that they will make it an important element also in support of our technical staff “.

MICHAEL ROBINSON (Club Manager DOLOMITI ENERGIA BASKETBALL TRENTINO): «Starting from 2009 I began a long journey in Aquila Basket, which for me and for the club has been a continuous leveling up, confronting new realities, living new experiences and emotions. Today a new chapter opens, at a time when Aquila is growing and consolidating from all points of view to enter a new phase of its history whose direction I believe is well expressed by the new Albere headquarters. If before a large part of my focus was tied to the first team, now I will be required to make a greater contribution to the overall vision of the club, and I look forward to putting myself to the test. This club has done a lot for me, I hope I have been able to give and still give as much back “.

SIMONE PIERICH (Team Manager DOLOMITI ENERGIA BASKETBALL TRENTINO): «I am living these days with great enthusiasm and trepidation: arriving in Trento was an opportunity that I really could not have let slip. I would like to thank Faenza, the club where I worked in my first year after retiring from basketball, now I can’t wait to get involved in a prestigious reality like that of Dolomiti Energia. I will enter on tiptoe, but with a smile and great enthusiasm: in the role of team manager I like being in contact with the players and the coaches, being part of a group that lives this sport to the fullest “.

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