Mertens, the photo with Zielinski and the social love of Napoli fans

The last Nations League match played in Warsaw between Poland and Belgium, with the final success of the Red Devils, was an opportunity for the Napoli fans to see the Azzurri on the pitch Piotr Zielinski And Dries Mertens. The one played on Polish soil, albeit by opponents, could have been the last match on the same turf for the two, with the Belgian who is now certain of his farewell to Napoli due to the non-renewal of the contract. As of June 30th, barring last minute changes, he will be released and free to make arrangements with another club, but the fans are not there and hope there will be an afterthought.

Mertens, Koulibaly, Osimhen: Naples, what's going on?

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Mertens, Koulibaly, Osimhen: Naples, what’s going on?

Mertens-Zielinski, photo from “phenomena”

At the end of the match won 1-0 by Belgium thanks to the goal scored in the first half by Bathuayi, Mertens And Zielinski they met again in the locker room to exchange a few words. To conclude the evening, sweet for the Belgian and a little bitterer for the Pole, the two also took a photo which then ended up on social media. “With the phenomenon“wrote on an Instagram stories Mertens, on the field for 80 ‘in the match with his national team. Shortly after, Zielinski also published the same image on the web, writing: “Idol, true phenomenon“.

The social affection of the Napoli fans

Having concluded his experience with the Belgium shirt, with three games played in the last two weeks, it is now time for Dries Mertens to switch off and take some time to spend with his family. The Belgian playmaker himself, publishing a post on Instagram, wrote: “Last game of the season, it’s time for some vacation“. But there is still a lot of uncertainty about the future, with the 1987 class who recently stressed that he hadn’t heard from anyone from Napoli for the renewal.”I thought I was staying“he said, words that sparked the fans. Under the post published after the match against Poland, in fact, the Azzurri supporters made” Ciruzzo “feel all their affection, begging him to stay and renew with Napoli.”Please don’t go awayand “writes a fan, with another echoing him:”Do it for us, you are the son of Naples you cannot go like thisì “. Other users, however, invite him to speak with De Laurentiis:”Meet up with De La and make a decision“.”Time to sign the renewal“ironically replies a fan, who however reflects the mood of all the fans who would not want to see another goodbye in the blue ranks after the departure of Insigne.

Mertens-Napoli, it's goodbye: the reaction of the fans on social media

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Mertens-Napoli, it’s goodbye: the reaction of the fans on social media

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