We interviewed Mattia Bellucciblue number tennis player 412 of the ATP ranking. The 21-year-old from Busto Arsizio boasts so far the victory of 5 ITF trophies, of which four won in 2022, the latest one arrived with the third triumph in Monastir, in Tunisia. Bellucci, who climbed 268 positions in the ATP rankings from 2021 to 2022, spoke of his own ambitious goalsalso analyzing his path tennis player and results achieved in recent tournaments.

Mattia, 2022 is practically at the beginning and you have already taken home 4 titles: 3 of these in the hardcourt tournament in Monastir, Tunisia, and the fourth in the M15 Poitiers (ITF), France, on indoor hardcourt. How proud are you of the results achieved so far? Concrete is officially your best friend …
I am so proud, not so much of the tournaments I have won, which I consider a confirmation, but of the new path I have undertaken since October last year, when I made the decision to train not only with my father, but also and mainly with another coach, Fabio Chiappini. With him I have a really super relationship and I train a few kilometers from home, and this is luck that is not at all obvious. Going back to the tournaments, I’m really happy because I think I took advantage of the opportunities that presented themselves to me. From September-October last year I feel I have grown a lot in terms of tennis. I had an absolutely lower level than that expressed in the last tournaments played and won. I think the $ 15,000 from Poitiers was the one I’ve played best so far this season, even if it’s true that indoor hardcourt and fast surfaces have always been my favorite. I must say, however, that in the last period I prefer to play outdoors, also because we are working a lot on the forehand and I need time to store a lot of information, since I have changed the technical movement a bit, and to play outdoors. gives me more time to do it.

In 2021 you were # 680, currently you are # 412 in the ranking. Climbed 268 positions. Are you satisfied with this rise? What position in the ranking have you set for yourself as a seasonal goal?
Before I started this path with Fabio Chiappini, I played the first 800 tournaments in the world. I’m certainly happy, because I didn’t expect to climb so much in these times, indeed, at the beginning of the year I had set myself the goal of reaching the 450 position by the end of the season. We knew that I could have played at good levels, but we were also aware that we had a long way to go, especially with the forehand work, because I have always naturally played better than the backhand. However, I have to be honest: this big leap in the ranking makes me very happy, because since July it gives me the possibility to play Challenger practically every week and to play more important tournaments, like the ones I’m playing now. My ranking, therefore, is a good basis.

In an interview last February released to “Il Blog del Tennis” your father Fabrizio Bellucci declared that one of your goals is to enter, with the passage of time, in the top 100 in the world. If you keep up with the standards, climbing many other positions over the course of one year, the goal would be very close. Could you replicate such an important ascent?
The goal is certainly to enter the top 100 in the world, a goal that I sincerely believe I can achieve for the qualities I have, but it takes time and work well. Obviously the higher you go, the more difficult it is to climb positions, so replicating the climb of all positions from 2021 to 2022 would mean playing particularly well. Surely, however, the 100th position in the ranking is our long-term goal: consistently, with a few things at a time but done well, we aspire to achieve that result. In this period I am really full of stimuli, I cannot deny it. I hope to succeed.

You entered the top eight of the $ 25,000 in Kiseljak, Bosnia. You gained access to the quarter-finals, then losing to De Loore 6-3 6-4. What went wrong in that match?

As I said, on earth I am still at the beginning of a journey. It’s not that I’ve never played on this surface before, but at the level I’m currently competing on clay I have very few games compared to what I have on hard court. Even in terms of match management and service, which is one of my best shots, I still struggle a little because I lack experience. Then, De Loore is a very good opponent, who was 170 in the world and subsequently dropped in the rankings due to an injury. The Belgian played a very good match and then won the tournament. The match I played against him was perhaps the best I played in the tournament. I have grown from game to game and I am quite happy with that. The goal on earth is to play many, many matches, starting with the three already played. We are working well and we hope to continue like this.

What are the next tournaments you will play? Would you feel ready for an ATP tournament already?
Next week I’ll play in Grasse, $ 25,000 on clay in France, and then we’ll go to Switzerland, to Klosters, to try another $ 25,000, this time on the high ground. As for the second question, I don’t want to be presumptuous and say yes, but that’s what we’re aiming for and will try to achieve in 1 or 2 years. Surely I would love to play it, also to test myself. There are some players with whom it is more difficult to compete, others with whom it is impossible to do so, and still others with whom it is easier because maybe you face them not in their best moment. What certainly makes the difference when playing tournaments of that level is the experience. I would like to try, but at the moment I say no.

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