Matic: "Roma are a great club with incredible fans. I'm here for Mou"

ROMENemanja Matic, new acquisition of Rome, introduces himself to the fans. The Serbian midfielder has released his first interview in the Giallorossi to the official channels of the club: “I’m happy and proud to be joining this club and can’t wait to start the season with my new teammates.”

You have had the opportunity to consider several options. Why Roma in particular?
“Roma are a great club, they have fantastic fans and a coach, Mourinho, whom everyone knows: choosing to come here was easy. I hope that all together we can do something important”.

The relationship between you and Mourinho?
“Working with him is not always easy, he can be a tough coach but he is a winner and he is the type of coach I want to work with. I am looking forward to working with him and with the team.”

What impressions did you have from this team?
“The team has great potential, I watched a few games also because my former teammates were playing. By working well we can achieve great goals.”

Matic lands in Rome: its arrival in Ciampino

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Matic lands in Rome: its arrival in Ciampino

It will be your first time in Serie A, is it a factor that influenced your choice?
“Serie A attracts me, there are great teams, it’s not easy to play. I like challenges and confront myself.”

How will you spend these weeks waiting for the preparation?
“I did a couple of weeks on vacation and a few days ago I started training and will continue in this period. I want to prepare myself better, the preparation will be very intense”.

You have only played once in the Olympic stadium, behind closed doors. Are you looking forward to playing in this stadium?
“Of course, it’s an iconic stadium. I’ve only played there once and without an audience so it wasn’t the best. I can’t wait to play there, in front of a great audience. Roma have fantastic fans.”

Have you got any idea how warm the fans are?
“Yes, since my name was compared to Roma I have received many messages and I am happy with this”.

Goals for next season?
“Compete on all the trophies, try to win as much as possible”.

V.Do you want to send a message to the Roma fans?
“I want to thank them for all the affection they have already shown me. I will give my best and together we will do great things”.

Rome, Matic at Villa Stuart for medical examinations

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Rome, Matic at Villa Stuart for medical examinations

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