Matic at Rome, the signature arrives: the background before the yes to Mourinho

There Rome is about to formalize the purchase of Nemanja Matic. In fact, today Tiago Pinto should meet the Serbian midfielder’s agents to sign the one-year contract with option for the second. In these hours, contacts continue to define the latest details regarding the bonuses. Matic arrives on a free transfer after having reached an agreement with Manchester United for the termination of the contract one year in advance.

The contract will automatically renew for the second year upon reaching 50 percent of appearances in seasonal matches. With a year as long as the one that has just ended, 27-28 games would be enough for Matic to stay in the second year as well. It shouldn’t be difficult considering that with Mourinho he will start the titular. With the bonuses Matic will go to earn 4.2 million. The Special One called him and managed to convince him to work together for the third time after Chelsea and Manchester United. The Serbian midfielder had received offers from Fulham, but also from three German teams, two from France and two from Turkey. But the possibility of returning to have Mourinho as a coach has brought down any other negotiations.

Matic-Roma, all the curiosities to know

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Matic-Roma, all the curiosities to know

Shot Matic, guarantees Mourinho

Matic has spent a relaxing time to regain energy after last season in Manchester. With his wife Aleksandra Pavic he chose a seaside resort in Turkey. The Matic couple with their three children moved first to Serbia and then to Turkey, to Guvercinlik, one of the most popular destinations for players for its luxurious resorts and crystal clear sea. You have chosen Lujo Bodrum, an oasis of peace between sun, sea, endless beaches and luxury restaurants. On Sunday he returned to Serbia to attend a party of friends. In these hours the phone is hot, awaiting the official status of his passage to Rome. In the next few days he could fly to the capital for medical examinations and to sign the contract with Rome. Roma’s first signing was strongly supported by José Mourinho, who imposed himself after losing Mkhitaryan. The name of Matic had already been made by the Special One last summer, but at the time there were no conditions to interrupt his relationship with United. As soon as he reached an agreement to free himself, the Serbian heard from Mourinho, who had always renewed his esteem for him in recent months. Matic is a flexible player and he can do very well as a midfielder in the two-man midfield, but he can also be used as an inside left-wing in the three-man midfield. In short, he is an experienced player who guarantees leadership and charisma. In his career he has worn the shirts of Benfica, Chelsea and Manchester United among others, winning three Premier Leagues, an English Cup, an English League Cup and a Portuguese League Cup. Mourinho considers him one of his men and for the third time he wanted him in his teams.

A great shot is coming in midfield

The Portuguese increasingly wants a team in his image and likeness. In addition to Matic, another important midfielder will arrive and there will be many exiting. Beyond Veretout also Diawara And Darboe they have their suitcases ready. Doubts remain about the confirmation of Sergio Oliveirawhich could only remain with a discount on the right to redemption set at 13 million by the Port. It will be confirmed instead Bove, on which Mourinho is aiming after showing a lot of progress last season. The market wanted by the Special One will not stop there.

Rome goal: Nemanja Matic

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Rome goal: Nemanja Matic

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