Mario Strikers: Battle League Football, an esports review

Nintendo designed Mario Strikers Battle League Football to be an eSport open to all. It’s not often that you see a publisher designing a video game with competitive players in mindthe. If we look at the origins of Valorant, Riot Games’ newborn video game / eSport, the developers immediately had in mind to create a competitive scene, but one with big stages, animated intros, millions of dollars invested and superstars. . Nintendo did something better, has set up what in the jargon is called a “grassroots” structure.

This term, borrowed from the amateur football scene, applied to video games means the title in question organizes and encourages competition from below, creating within itself a competitive structure designed for ordinary people and which promotes the best until they enter the Olympus of eSports. Mario Strikers Battle League Football does just that: after a series of great scalar tutorials, encourages you to play online, to look for a team, to train with your friends and to compete in the events that Nintendo itself organizes in the game every weekend. It is the videogame equivalent of having a soccer team with which to participate in Sunday tournaments.

From this very fertile ground they will emerge entire teams and individual athletes who can really put on a show with their performance. All without a bitter taste in the mouth of “Eh but I could never make it, I have no connections, I have no one to play with”. It’s all in the game, just play it and, with a little personal initiative, you will find yourself in a team that will take competitions more or less seriously.

As you may have understood, this review is a bit peculiar. If you want to know what we think of the mechanics, heroes, gameplay and graphics of Mario Strikers Battle League Football, find it all here, in our preview. What was missing then was the online experience which, after several hours of testing, I can say was the icing on a cake that had already amazed me and will continue to do so.

After Valorant beta I decided to try to join a team with competitive ambitions. Organizing the training sessions was difficult, organizing our competitive team matches was torture, and when the first tournament came, they paved us as if we had never played in our life. A little motivating experience let’s put it this way. The Mario Strikers Battle League experience was the exact opposite. The game invites you to join a team, the game organizes tournaments with teams of the same level and it is always the game that rewards and demotes players based on their performance. No third party organizers, no signups, no nothing: just you, your friends and healthy sportsmanship.

If you are looking for a really well done game (here all the details on the gameplay) with a learning curve that cannot be sweeter and that will give you a great hand to have fun with your friends, you will find everything you need in Mario Strikers Battle League Football. You still have to buy a Nintendo Switch and a Nintendo Switch Online subscription without which you will not be able to play with others.

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