Marino Bartoletti at the Rieti Sport Festival

Rieti 12 June 2022. The morning of the fourth day of the Central Italy Sports Festival opens with the public meeting with Marino Bartoletti in the shade of an olive tree in the sprotivo center of the Asso Sporting Club. his name is Battisti, we are in Rieti, what comes to your mind? Asks the journalist Stefano Meloccaro at the opening of the “chat” with one of the greatest sports journalists as well as brilliant television author, writer, music expert.

” Thoughts and words…! Bartoletti answers and right from the start the double soul of the journalist from Forlì emerges, authoritative expert in sports and music and with anecdotes on Lucio Battisti, Lucio Dalla who called him Bartolettino, Enzo Ferrari and on the most iconic names in the sports and music scene , enchanted the morning audience of the Festival.

“When I still didn’t have a mustache, I wasn’t born with a mustache, I wanted to be a journalist and I founded Pressing, I was director, editor, porter, advertising agent, printer, I wrote everything with many psudonyms including Lamberto Trinotati, my anagram and I remember that one day Lucio Dalla organized an evening to raise funds for the newspaper that was having difficulty going forward ”.

Bartoletti highlighted that he has always done this job with “artisan love” and coming from the province has helped him not to lose the wonder and remain humble: “In Rome there are not these faces that I see today, there are not these well-kept structures love. Proud to be the son of artisans who worked with their hands and heart “.

Pressed by the journalist Meloccaro, Bartoletti also expressed his encyclopedic knowledge on the San Remo Festival, ranging over serious and facetious episodes, arriving with pindaric connections also at his meeting with Radivoj Kora ?, Yugoslav basketball player, considered one of the best European players in history of basketball, recalling Rieti’s great love for basketball, a sport he also did in his youth. In conclusion of the long interview in which an attentive audience remained in religious silence, Marino announced in preview from Rieti the news that he will make his third book that completes the trilogy CENA CON GLI DEI, (Premio Bancarella) the RETURN OF THE GODS, and s ‘will be entitled THE DESCENT OF THE GODS. The journalist from Forlì received the RSF Award presented by Roberto Tavani, Sport Delegate of the President of the Lazio Region, Nicola Zingaretti. Fourth and last day of the RSF in full swing between national martial arts internship in progress with 35 guest associations, rhythmic and artistic gymnastics show and still free practice of packrafting and softrafting on the river.

The 2022 edition was supported by the Lazio Region, the Municipality of Rieti, the Province of Rieti, the Varrone Foundation, sponsored by Sport and Health and CONI LAZIO. The patron of the Festival, Sergio Battisti once again highlights the precious support of one of the main European banking groups, Intesa Sanpaolo, and the support of some of the best Italian companies in the food sector: DimmidiSì – La Linea Verde, a leading Italian group in fruit and vegetables, Zanetti Formaggi and Igor Gorgonzola. Also confirmed this year the partnership with SKY SPORT and CORRIERE DELLO SPORT. Automotive Rieti is once again the mobility partner of the event.

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