Marco Sodini: Gara che va subito cancellata, pensiamo alla prossima

Acqua S.Bernardo wins Race 3 in the final 79 to 69; Coach Marco Sodini’s comment after the success against Scafati follows: «The only thing I am interested in saying about this match is that it must be canceled immediately and that we have to think about the next one. There is no other attitude that we must and can have. With the staff and the guys, then, tomorrow, we will try to see if there is something tactical and technical to fix. I don’t know if we realize it, but we won by eleven at home, shooting 3/20 from 3 points. We had to have probably the best shooting team in the whole league at 21% 3-point to win the game. It is clear that making the basket at this time of the year is very complicated. And it also happened to us today because, in the third quarter, there were at least 4-5 conclusions, which we would define as easy, which we didn’t score. Scafati never gives up: she is always attacked, not even 40 seconds from the end has she changed her attitude. They are always there and we must stay there as well. Because, again, compared to what we are, we have granted at least 3-4 situations of double-triple possession, an easy iron penetration, a foul. The first quintet I fielded was very good defensively and kept Scafati only at 6 points. But then we have a moment in which we get distracted. As an emblem of this, I will give you an example: today Stefanelli played his best game of the series; however, at one point he makes a foul in the middle of the field and we were already in the bonus. Here, we need to improve mental consistency on these things. We must always be aggressive because, if we are not, our opponents score. We must also take note of what we have become, and that is a team that, compared to the end of the regular season, scores a little less. We scored 79 points today, but we struggled to score them. Before we were a 90-point team, now we score a little less. So we have to keep them low, absolutely. And we need not to grant possessions and free throws. I asked the boys that there was not even one shot open in the whole game and, in my opinion, with the rotation of 10 players we have, we can do it. After that, regardless of the quintet that is on the pitch, the attention must be maximum and there must not be a moment’s pause. That’s why I say that you have to cancel this game immediately and keep your brain on the next one and already on the first possession of the next one. From this point of view, great steps forward today: I had no doubts that Da Ros would play a match like the one he played and that Vitali would have managed the final match very well. Severini was also very good, like Bayehe, who they were never able to contain. We have also recovered Stefanelli. This was a win or go home game. The next match will not be outdone. We are the ones who have to extend the series to deserve to go to Scafati and we have to do it with heart, soul, brain, technique. I have faith in my boys and they must be calm about the fact that I think this because I have always thought it and I certainly do not disown my thoughts ».

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