Maradona a scugnizzo from Naples: on June 7 the presentation of the Al Jazeera docu-film

Diego Maradona it is a world icon, we know. And now the Arabs are celebrating it with a docu-film entitled ‘Maradona a street urchin from Naples’. A production of Al Jazeeramade by the Egyptian director Mohamed Kenawiwhich will be presented on Tuesday 7 June at 7 pm at the French Institute in via Crispi 86. In English, the title is ‘Maradona the rebel we love’. The series will start on the Arab and European channels of Al Jazeera at the end of October, on the eve of the World Cup in Qatar.

The legendary arrival of Maradona in Naples becomes a theatrical show

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The legendary arrival of Maradona in Naples becomes a theatrical show

Docu-film on Maradona: two months of shooting in Naples

To make the docu-film on Maradona it took two months of shooting a Naples. The city was vivisected by Kenawi: “And everywhere, in any area, Maradona was the key word to enter the hearts of the Neapolitans. I had asked myself: is it possible that there is such a strong love even after his death? The answer is in those traces that increase with the passage of time. I could not find an English term that would render the word urchin, used in the Italian title, well. Maradona is a street urchin for the passion with which he defended the Neapolitan people and for that ability to humiliate his opponents, throwing them down like skittles “.

Maradona and the docu-film: this is how he healed a boy from depression

Kenawi entrusted the story to Sergio Siano, photojournalist of Morning, who was also driving around town. He explains: “At the beginning of the 80s in Naples there was a strong climate, fear and tension everywhere. In the same period in which Maradona arrived, Giancarlo Siani had been killed. I was a boy who was in danger of depression and not loving my city. If I love Naples today, I owe a lot to Maradona ”.

They followed matches and training sessions: “Paradise, the field where Napoli trained, gave you peace. In that place was the god of football “. Another voice of the docu-film is the artist Mario Castì Farina, who created the mural that appears on the boundary wall of the old Naples sports center. The artist imagines they are traveling around Naples to read up on writing a book on Maradona.

Docu-film by Siano: all the eternal moments of Maradona in Naples

There is all Maradona in Naples in the production of Al Jazeera. The scugnizzo Maradona, dressed in rags, dribbling with an orange on the Scuotto brothers’ crib; the pizza dedicated to him by Maria Cacialli in the restaurant where everything has the flavor of Naples and its captain; the poem of a Palestinian poet, read by restaurateur and artist Omar Suleiman, who saw the number 10 as follows: “Face of an angel, heart of a lion and legs of a gazelle”. The hair of Diez, collected by Bruno Alcidi on the headrest of an airplane and exhibited in the bar in piazzetta Nilo; the memories of Fabio Zizolfi, a boy from the Spanish Quarters who has the chills telling those Sundays; the photographic exhibition that Yvonne De Rosa, owner of Magazzini Photo, proposed to Sergio, later realized in the Jambo-1 shopping center in Trentola Ducenta (Caserta), confiscated from the Camorra.

Sabir, the album by Ernesto Petringa, is the soundtrack of the melancholic journey, in which we pass from the screams of the then St. Paul to the silences of 25 November 2020, when Naples learned of the death of the god of football. The docu-film ends at Gambrinuswhere history embraces history.

Fan show for Italy-Argentina.  And check the shirt for Maradona

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Fan show for Italy-Argentina. And check the shirt for Maradona

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