Mancini, the coach's second life is in the future

Nice move, that of fate. Starting over from Kane’s England. It will not be Wembley, tonight, but it doesn’t matter, the names are those, the carousel restarts from the magical evening in which the blue felt strong, omnipotent, even too much. Starting that evening to rewrite a recent history that has consumed ancient vices, fatal errors, but, it seems, has drawn lessons from it. So it happens to intelligent people. Roberto Mancini is one of them. He was so tired and disappointed that he didn’t even want to hear about the future. Less than ever in the past. The present was so brutal and illegible that it took all of your head and belly. The whole scene. Out of World Cupevicted like a gang of squatters, by the hand and foot of a team, the North Macedonia, who could at best be accredited as an honest sparring partner. Hateful not her defeat, but her incomprehensibility, her being so unfair.

Mancini had two possible choices before him. The canonical one of getting out of the way. Observe wearily the liturgy of an already written script. Or try to rebel. Feeling so disgusted by that injustice, so raped, that he imposed a second life, writing a script on a blank page that didn’t promise anything good. Starting with his doubts that they were huge and painful, needles stuck in the skull. To continue yes, but to get into where? In a worse worry? Licking your wounds, to meet a definitive wound? Abandon: duty, necessity or cowardice? On one of his nights marred by doubt and perhaps by fragility, by the insinuating and comfortable question of “who makes me do it?”, The pride of boy from Jesi it must have exploded, overwhelming every dam. “My story, the story of Roberto Mancini, can accept defeat, but not this defeat”.

Mancini did not choose to think about the future. Mancini has chosen to plunge into the future. It had been the great insight of his first term since National team coach, it was now necessary to go back to practicing it, but in a more extreme form. Spread the cards and overturn the table. We don’t know if Mancini is a great coach. We know, however, what a great coach he is a great leader. One whose words, even when they seem absurd, are convincing. It wasn’t about killing himself. Too easy, taken for granted. Another comfortable engagement would be remedied the next day. It was a question, this so more complicated choice, to stay, to challenge the pillory, to bet on the biggest gamble in the history of blue benches. Putting up a talented baby band (Mancini recognizes talent) and playing on the two great engines of youth, innocence and boldness. Free to exaggerate and free to make mistakes.

Here is Mancini inventing names unknown to most, Gnonto, Scalvini, Gatti, Cancellieri, Zerbindecides to give definitive status to boys like Tonali, Scamacca, Raspadori, Calabria, Frattesi, Pobega. By promoting i Stretcheri Verratti, the Pellegrini and the Donnarummawill be added Church shortly, folks who in Nationals of the past she would have barely been a supporting actor due to manifest “inexperience”, like the hens of this company to be weaned, but which has already shown very promising things. A move of despair or of enlightenment? From tonight we will begin to know. But let’s give it time and give it time.

Italy, the preparation continues: how many smiles on the pitch!

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Italy, the preparation continues: how many smiles on the pitch!

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